03 August 2019

Last Open Beta Scheduled!

So... last day to test it all out, see what I think and how it will go.

And also to see how the world balance looks! :D

I'm so excited for this release and I feel like it's the hype I give myself about every release and have done since Lich King where the hype was real... and was answered in kind.

Recently one of the big streamers actually asked his watchers if we'd vote for BC and LK after a couple of years of Classic... and I'm really torn on my answer. On the one hand I kinda feel like we asked for Classic and it's Classic we get. And maybe in a couple of years they can give us expansions in this universe without changes to the end cap. And on the other hand... it's BC and LK that brought them in the most subs. So did the new subs kill the game as we know it by expanding the player base from the nerds that loved it and still do to the shitheel asshats who wanted fast bang for their bucks and whine non-stop even when given everything they're pandering little asses ever asked for? I mean, those asshats are really just a part of the greater public at large and so by increasing the player base we increased the number of them who would logically be in the game, so it only makes sense that the game sort of flowed the way it did.

Or do we let them bring us slowly back through to the LK before we ask for new content at different levels?

Or perhaps ask for servers that cap on Classic, servers that cap on BC and servers that cap on LK where the game reached it's absolute height of popularity and people playing and loving the game?

I mean, they CAN allow migration UP, and deny migration back down as a service... be sure before you go because you can't go back... and no Classic transfers of any kind, you burn it here you have to start all over again. LOL That has to be part of the rules since that's part of what made the world so much better to play in and do anything else in. People learned quickly that they could literally burn themselves for the whole world they played in and had to creep away and go away forever, or make a new toon and never talk about the old one again.

I just don't know. I'm afraid of anything that lets other people vote anymore... I mean... look at BFA... or better yet, how about a subject we all know and love... the 45th President of the US.

See ya after August 8th at 11 PST!!! WOOOT...