04 September 2018

BtWQuests, TomTom and Trial of Style

I play WoW... that means lots of different things happened this week. 
I hope your week was also awesome and eventful. 
Quick review of a couple of addon's.
Dead... in many different places.

BtWQuests - excellent at helping you find your way through quest chains. I love this!
TomTom - excellent at helping you find those quest chains, and your dead self. Less in love with this. LOL

This is what one of the armor sets (I don't have the tusk shoulders in red yet) looks like in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. How many Trolls did we have to scalp for this headdress?! 
(I know they're feathers.)

Trial of Style - Sept 2018
Kilijan and Julienne won 1st Prize
1. anyone can enter, you just need patterns in your transmog sets and/or gear and white letter items to put on with and in place of your armor. The transmogrifer will save your sets, so you can be as creative and clever as you want to be and then just switch it up in the competition.
2. transmogs are free during the event. you can play often and still save your hard-earned gold.
3. shirts are account wide and can only be applied if your character was wearing a shirt to begin with.
4. tabards are account wide and can only be applied if your character was wearing one to begin with.
5. groups can go in together. it's a really fun way to kill 10 minutes!
6. in case you're blonde like me, the arrows on the vote screen allow you to toggle between the two contestants on the stage so you can vote with sincerity.

I got this one for Julienne because LOOK at it! :D
This look is saved as NotAPally

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