26 September 2018

A First Time for Everything...

So, since I started raiding at the tail end of BC in WoW I have had online guides and "experts" I could go to and ask for help. In LK I actually FOUND the number one Fury warrior in the US and messaged him and asked him for help. I also approached the number one on my server (at that time I was on Uldaman, US) and found that his help was more attentive and thorough (he showed up and actually stood at a target dummy in a party with me and watched my numbers and the recount data... he was VERY helpful.) I learned a lot about my specialization and I learned a lot about other players and the people who also love being Fury warriors.

As time has gone on the same ranking out and complaining about Fury warriors has gone on with each new expansion. We're clumsy, nit-picky rotations, not reliable... blah blah blah. Until Draenor I was able to find an expert for help when I got stuck, find guides and otherwise managed to find the information I needed online. In Draenor I was defeated by the "trials" that held me in a place where I couldn't get into the raids to get the gear I needed and didn't have the time to dedicate to farming all alone without them. I got stuck at the third level and finally quit.

Hilariously, the same thing had happened to me in Pandaria. So two expansions where raids were utterly denied me by an in-game mechanic that had nothing to do with how well I could play or with my raid awareness but just with my ability to follow a scripted and BS test of my skills in order to progress.

I was hesitant in Legion because I was afraid the same thing would happen to me. It didn't. There was almost too much choice in the tree on my weapon... and it led to places where I spent a lot of time online figuring out "the best" way to spec my weapon for the best DPS and power out of the gate between leveling and dungeoning or raiding. And the damned "tests" were gone. WOOOT!

I came back to Battle for Azeroth and discovered that my weapons I'd spent so much time researching and learning to use and spec and make the most useful things ever were gone. Retired. Gray letter pieces of junk to be replaced with the first decent drop I could find.

And a new tree... a new tree that I could actually sort of understand. (I say this because of what's coming, not because of how I feel... bear with me.) For three expansions my warrior sat almost shelved because I just couldn't manage to pull her DPS out of a funk, figure out the right balance of gear and stats and spec so that she'd be as awesome as she used to be. For three expansions I pulled my warlock and my mage and other "secondary" characters out of the dust and mothballs and parked my main "almost but not quite finished." And now I can get her all the way up, I can crank her DPS and I can manage to get her powerfully geared and outfitted using tools in the game that aren't gated away from me or made difficult to impossible to achieve. And she has a talent tree I understand, sort of.

See... I still can't figure out my damned stats. I change one piece of gear and the beastly DPS craters and I'm up a creek. I haven't done the "call a friendly expert" thing yet because of this... below are what the experts employed by each of the top three "help" sites recommend for my stat priority based on the same weights and numbers for each of the 5 primary statistics every character uses. THE SAME NUMBERS, NOTE THIS IMPORTANT THING:

Noxxic: Strength>Critical Strike>Haste>Versatility>Mastery
Icy Veins: Strength-Haste-Mastery-Versatility-Critical Strike
WoWHead: Haste>Strength>=Critical Strike>Mastery>Versatility

Even the experts don't agree. Not even a little bit. I have been following Noxxic because I follow the logic of the build, and because my specialization and talents don't exactly match I may want to go see if there's something closer to my build somewhere else and match my stats more closely to theirs.

Or maybe I should just screw with it for myself and publish my OWN specialization, talents and stat priorities here and give good reasons why.

There's a first time for everything, and it's just entirely possible that WoW has managed to create a game where the experts can't be right about everything, just right about what works for them. And that means we can all be experts. Right? LMAO

OMG... I'm too tired for this today. Right now Julienne isn't doing the same numbers she was three days ago... and they're still really good so I'm not going to mess with it yet. I'll keep gathering gear first. I mean... we can't be all right or all wrong... so the answer is somewhere in all these conflicting expert guides. I hope.

I'll leave you with a screen cap of the placement of Bazooka in the new PvE (means no actual players killing players going on) Warfronts. Where she has much more reliable DPS and comes in high on the data because she's able to hang on for dear life and whack the crap out of stuff. LOL

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