20 August 2018

Before the launch of each expac...

first, I left all the drama in this blog because I feel like transparency is honesty.
08/20/2018 1 week post expac launch, almost to the hour... Julienne is 120

So... before the launch of each expac since the Lich King, which I was too new to appreciate I have walked the streets of Stormwind in WALK (that's / on the number pad) and just kind of thought about the game. And actually, it's possible that I do this BECAUSE of the Lich King, as we got our warrior King back and since then it has been like that first night racing up and going to see! Anyway... if you don't know, his end was sad and painful some years later.

I start at the front gates from Goldshire and I walk in through the town, up through old town and where the original garrisons were and now there's a whole area, then around and up to the palace and in and around, then down into the Dwarven district and across the bridge to visit the church and the graveyard and then down through the park and up into the Mage's district before ending at the bank that will always be Julienne's bank. LOL

It started as an RP ritual... something to do as a little bit of role-play before Julienne heads out on her next great adventure. And starting with the first time it was also a reliving of every weird and fun and hilarious and stressful situation she's had (translate: I have had) on those streets. From falling in the canal the first time I was there (Uldaman server) and freaking out to protecting her fine streets from vandals in the form of plagued monsters who insisted on coming in and ruining the city for us all (Uldaman) and sitting waiting for Jimmy to get Myrrdin to Stormwind because we were going fishing (Akama) and all of the other fun things. Blasting the city with smoke bombs with Renaissance guild, playing hide and seek (Uldaman and Baelgun) and other games in town. Respeccing Julienne for the first time and spending 100's in gold all of a sudden and seemingly for no reason only to have the LK expansion make it unnecessary to have done it at all. Oh... and leveling Inscription... all of it on the steps of Julienne's Bank and the auction house.

What's important is that none of the things that made me leave guilds comes up. I have a deep sadness in me that so many of the guilds that I have been a part of weren't home. And I have a tremendous happiness that the game is still a place I like.

In fact... I really like it for the first time in a long time. I saw an interview that the developers interviewed a real lot of players who'd left the game, read our comments when we ended subscriptions and talked to the real WoW stars of all time to find out why we weren't playing, what they could do and where it could go. And this is what we got. It's awesome! Rebalanced in a way I feel is playable for Julienne, and for my baby mage who stalled in Legion because it was so poorly done... a world to explore that we kind of know... a system that makes sense and the same WoW art and world that we have always adored. At least I have. And my main has her name back... her sad replacement is the auctioneer and is now Julz.
the first two girls through the adventure... Julienne and Bazooka
So... Yayifications is still a guild only for friends. For people I've known a few years and care about and trust. No more raid guild bullshit. No more assholes I don't like in my guild. This is where I will play alone until more people join me. And I love it. LOL Pst me in the game or on Facebook or wherever if you wanna join.

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