11 October 2016

Some of the girls... new and old...

Allumette (formerly known as Julienne, before there were 2 and I had to choose which to rename) after fancy fish feast... LOL

Julienne, the second... ready to head out after a 3 expac retirement... whatever will she do?! Well, her adventure begins in Draenor, so she must now go answer Khadgar's call.

And Bazooka... the fire mage now arcane and just building to get back to fire again... :D With Pepe... because.

Just 3 of 14... :D

Oh, and for the record... this is the first expansion WoW has done since LK that I really love. The story, the world and quests... even the rediculously stupid way they've gated the world, quests, professions and everything else... (really, 3 levels of each type of flower to pick? really Blizzard? Nomi? I've been cooking since day one 8 years ago... and let me tell you, any asshole can poke a stick through a fish and manage to cook it enough not to die from it... without turning it into inedible cinders. Any idiot except, apparently, the idiot I TRAINED IN PANDARIA)

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