23 October 2016

so that it's been said in public

This is a list of the reasons I left Renaissance:
  1. I don't like the every-man-for-himself attitude.
  2. The presented identity of the guild and the reality of the guild are in conflict and this has been the case for five years. Renaissance is not a social guild. It hasn't been a social guild since some of the original founding members returned with the old image and ideals of the guild they'd left and were returning to still firmly in mind. (Something you might not know: Renaissance was originally a raiding guild made up of friends with similar interests. They slowly melted down and one by one left until Okeret was just sort of abandoned with the guild and had to make the choices and decisions that made it into the guild that it is today. Remember that when someone says anything nasty about him... he was a member of a guild that was passed from one person to the next by promoting someone else to GM and then dropping guild and he was chosen because he happened to be online at the time the last GM left. He picked up the responsibility for the guild and rebuilt it and the new face of the guild was what he and the officers and members made of it. Casual and social weren't accidental in the Renaissance that I joined... they were intentional choices made by a membership that didn't include many of the current raiding members or leaders.)
  3. I hate the structure of the guild and ranks and perks. I don't like having to be an officer just to be able to use my guild bank and the structure of multiple levels and ranks in a guild that is not specifically made to be a progression guild don't make sense. I am particularly turned off by the idea that a guild that calls itself social and casual needs to have a punishment or punitive rank or rules that you have to play in a certain length of time or be kicked from the guild.
  4. I don't like having to play with people that I don't even like. I am not going to pay to play a game with people I don't want to know anything about or who treat me like they don't want to know me.
Here is what Yayifications offers that Renaissance does not:
  1. This is a *Casual Adult Social Guild... first and only. We're a guild because we're friends and would rather play together than apart.
  2. Our identity is VERY clear and floats over our heads and is obvious on our guild page and even in the artwork on our tabards... we are a social guild. There's nothing hardcore here anywhere. We are playing the game to have fun... Yayifications! :D
  3. This is a flat rank guild. Except for the GM and bank alts we're all the same rank. Once you are a member of the guild you have the same rights and privileges everyone else has. Also the same rules and responsibilities as every other member.
  4. The only way into the guild is to be friends with a member of the guild... or to be willing to be a recruit until we all have time to figure out if you're compatible and able to become friends with the members of the guild.

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