26 October 2016

On WoWing While Working... LOL

and other stuff.

So I haven't been online much so I haven't been recruiting much for Yayifications. I thought "I can do retail..." and I'm right. I totally can do retail. I can take the face-to-face like no one I've ever known... even when they're REALLY ugly with me... and the register and counting money and making sure to keep all the rules in mind? I'm a pro.

Standing on my feet all day? Not so much. Period. End. I am actually having to quit the job because the pain level I'm at by the time I leave work each day is compounding in the hours NOT on my feet until I'm waking up in pain at night even taking 2 different pain meds before bed AND a sleep aid.So... yeah... sucks. I could TOTALLY be awesome at this job if I didn't have my back and legs rebelling against me. Retail isn't easy. It's not even a cake walk, which the Food Network folks showed us is ALSO not easy.

In short, it's time to start recruiting... more on that tomorrow or later.

Now... what this blog is ACTUALLY about...

 WOOOOOT!!! Now THAT'S more like it. :D 
Not many big multi-pulls in this one, either... so it was a good reflection 
of the DPS she can pull without flasks but with food and 
some strength buffs in the form of old world potions.
And the start of a new "mini" series for this blog only.
Things I've Missed In WoW... perhaps some sarcasm here... 
logging in to do a fishing daily and discovering I have inadvertantly interrupted
someone's RP tryst... LMAO

And no, I didn't log or move. Not my problem. LOL

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