02 October 2016

I hate it as much as I love it...


This is the final reward for me for a job well done... I level and I get stuff done and then if I get it all in the right order and did it all to the best of my ability I get to play with the big kids and do stuff together in a group and get even better toys.

And I've been in a social/casual/altaholic but NOT raiding guild for 6 years... and I'm learning the hard way that this isn't the way to raid. Unless I could become the kept pet of some raid guild somewhere that doesn't care that I'm not in their guild... then it would be perfect. The best of both worlds. Friendly people always willing to go the extra mile for someone just because they're in the same "family" online and ALSO the chance to beat my head against the wall of getting 9-24 other people to all coordinate and get some challenging and awesome thing done just for pixels and accolades in an online game.

Instead we have a whole lot (90% of the guild) of people who play for themselves in their own heads for their own goals and don't even regularly see the chat window... and even less regularly have anything to say in it. They are in a guild for the comfort of not seeing themselves in the world alone and still are all about their own goals and their own activities. The concept of gearing and specing for a group that will check everything down to the enchant on their shoes because they thought it was funny? not so much. LMAO

I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying it sucks to be in a place where I know what needs to happen and not really want to make it so. Everyone plays the game their own way... and the weird disconnect between wanting to raid because it seems cool and actually raiding is tremendous.

I found this article and it just says what I have been saying all along. You can't just go raid. You can't even just go raid if you have the gear from dungeons because tanks are assholes and overly confident LFG assholes abound everywhere and dungeons are, for the most part designed around the lowest common denominator, not the middle or highest. You can suck at awareness and preparation and everything important in raiding and still have the gear. Sometimes the RNG seems to reward the loser in the group more than the one busting their ass. Not always, just sometimes.

What I just said there is an asshole thing to say, btw... and it's true. You can have the gear and not have any idea what to do with it... just like you can be in my gear and still be competitive DPS at your level and have enough raid awareness to survive most things... most of the time.

So what is the answer? I just don't know. I can't get the big kids who are all too important to come and do the lower stuff because it's below them... I think they'd rather PUG out to the bigger raid guilds until the rest of us catch up. And as is always the case we have a bunch of folks who just aren't ready for the higher stuff who would benefit greatly from doing the next level down raids from WoD.

We'll see if LFR doesn't kill me with ineptitude.

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