27 October 2016

An Open Letter To Renaissance

I joined Renaissance in the middle of the Cata expansion and at that time I was leaving a hardcore guild looking for a more social and casual one. I actually interviewed Okeret asking him a number of questions about the environment and members before asking him if I could join the guild because I wanted to find a good fit in a social and fun and friendly group of people who liked to play WoW.

After I left my old guild a number of the more social and less hardcore members followed me to Renaissance. For the first few months things were awesome. I talked my real life friends (including your current GM) and family into joining me on Baelgun in Renaissance and became an officer in the guild because I believed I had found the guild I'd been seeking.

With the release of Pandaria came a focus on growing the guild and adding more raiders as well as more casual players. At that time I was very clear in the officer's meeting that I thought we needed to identify the type of guild we wanted to be because a rift occurs in a social guild when raiders start coming in. I was concerned that we needed a clear vision before we recruited so that we didn't accidentally bring in players who would not fit in with our more casual existing membership. I was told not to worry about it and was given tasks to do to help recruitment, make the guild more social and keep everyone as happy-go-lucky as they had been just a few months earlier.

I met a lot of resistance in officer's meetings and in the guild from new and returning founding members of the guild. I also really wasn't in love with the content. I felt like we were going in a bad direction in the guild and like I was contributing to making Renaissance a place I really didn't want to stay. I drifted away and quit playing rather than keep doing a thing I didn't believe would work or leaving the guild I'd talked my friends and family into joining with me.

With the release of Draenor I returned. Okeret had let me remain an officer and again the focus of our first officer's meeting was an effort to grow the guild. I talked to other officers and again tried to explain that I felt like we needed an identity for the guild before we could recruit for new members. I felt like I was treated like I was borrowing trouble and that because I'd left and hadn't been helping in the guild during the time I was gone I didn't really know what I was talking about or have any say in where we were going or what we would be doing. I also really didn't like some of the changes in the expansion and was being shot down or treated poorly in guild chat when I asked for help. As the tension in the guild and in the officer's meetings continued to grow and my enjoyment of playing the game diminished I left again. This time entirely. I didn't even pay my subscription fees. I quit WoW. I honestly and truthfully had no intention of returning.

And I REALLY missed the game.

When this new expansion came out I returned and discovered that the guild was even quieter and more distant. It had become a guild of players with their heads down and their eyes on personal quiet little prizes that mattered to them. I got feedback almost immediately that I had been really missed and that my positive and social attitude had been lacking. I was asked by the new leadership of the guild to step up and bring the social back to a guild that was hurting for it. 

When Anpu asked me to become the social heart of the guild I was VERY clear that Renaissance is NOT a social guild... it has not been a social guild since the end of the Cata expansion. Renaissance is a quiet place for familiar people to do their own things with other people doing their own things, occasionally with other people who need the same thing, and still mostly alone. I was begged please to step up and try to bring back the heart of a fun guild.

I tried, I really did. 

I met constant and very vocal resistance or interference from the same individuals who had been the issue before and had no interest from the guild in anything remotely social. I posted 5 events to the guild calendar and even the other officers were unable or disinterested in attending. It was clear to me that the guild was happy the way it was and that trying to change it was only going to cause problems.

I took a look at things and realized I'd spent more time not playing than playing since I'd joined the guild because I didn't even like it anymore. I also realized that this time I like the expansion enough that I have no intention of leaving the game so I quit the damned guild like I should have done a long time ago.

My boyfriend Jon and I turned a bank alt guild into Yayifications, a *Casual Adult Social Guild. This is a guild for friends and family and stands for the things we want it to stand for. I miss some of you too much not to invite you to come and play with us.
So all of that to get here... 

If you would like to join Yayifications and play because we're friends and we want to play together then please go to our link (click the word Yayifications above) and read the information on the front page of the guild page and the note from the GM. If I shared this link with you myself you will become a member of the guild immediately because you're already a friend and I miss playing with you. If this has been passed to you, please apply and note who you know in the guild for an invite.

And remember, Yayifications isn't a Progression Guild or a Raiding Guild or a PvP guild or any of the other types of guild... we're just a group of friends and family who play WoW.

I miss ya, a lot. Even if you don't want to join Yayifications I'd still like to play with you so please message me on RealID.


Casual = Maybe you played WoW today, maybe you played something else or had a life. You're still a friend so you're still in the guild. Haven't seen me in awhile? Call me or message me in real life, you know I'll do the same with you.
Adult = Members are old enough to vote and use adult language and decision making skills - this isn't an invitation for adult content. 
Social = We are in a guild to play together, not because we're forced to interact with others in order to get to our end-game goals. I must add that this doesn't mean every time we're online we're doing a thing together, it means that when we are playing together it's because we want to be not because we have to be or are in some weird way obligated to be. 
Guild = Another word for a club, group, or society. A group of people who have joined together in pursuit of a common interest.

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