09 September 2016

So... it's been awhile...

I have this love hate relationship with WoW that is no secret here in this blog... from guild disorder to outright frustration with mechanics and bad balancing...

Legion bears the stamp of a development company that "gets" what the hard and true players really loved... and still bears the reak of what the nasty little gamer turds also like... so it's a mixed bag of good and awesome and some sort of frustrating stuff.

Overall... this is gearing up to be an expansion like Lich King... and I am loving it. Scale of 1-10 I'm at a 9.9... and that's good. I'm ignoring the proving grounds and might continue to do so... I've leveled only Allumette and everyone else is standing on the starting line with heel-kicked starting blocks ready for launch. It's so much fun and so densely packed that until I've leveled three or four I don't even think I'll see much overlap except for the story-line.

On the super plus... they seem to have taken a lot of the squish out of our rotations... a few buttons will do ya... except... as with all things WoW... that's not entirely true. There's still only one "right" way to do things if you want the max DPS and I haven't been doing it... so... I may have some changes to make. And overall you hit the ground running in a direction that is clear and fun and rewarding and you do it with all of the hero aspects clearly detailed from the beginning. YOU are the world's only hope... LOL We all know everyone else playing is ALSO the world's only hope... and that's ok. The enemy is clear, the reason we're doing these things is clear and the treats, pets, toys and other boons are awesome enough to make you want to suspend your disbelief for awhile. LOL

On the super low... world area flagging for PvP of all factions against all factions and rewards for farming. No kidding. Go to the Underbelly and let the guards go on break. It's awesome... and I wont say in a good way. Everyone wants you dead... how else will they get the marks they need to buy a 200,000 mark special mount? Go to certain World Quest objectives and get farmed by your own party as soon as you enter the grounds because they really need that iLevel 815 trinket! I fucking hate this shit... either we're always PvP or we're NOT PvP without choosing to be and at NO time should someone that is in my party with me be able to turn around and maul me dead. This constant back and forth and really desirable items overlapping them makes me insanely angry. It is clear that there are members of the WoW development team who measure their penises by the number of ways they made someone else's day suck, at the same ratio as they exist in the game and that makes me sad.

Everything else is everything else... same old same old with guild wanting to grow and go different directions and me wanting to play and get good at one thing at a time and all the ways that you can lose a few hours in the game without realizing it has even happened balanced amidst it all. It's really good and awesome and this time I have pledged to walk away before I allow myself to drown in the stuff that makes me hate logging in.

My goal for Legion is not to give a fuck and to avoid the things about which I give fucks in a bad way and completely immerse in the things about which I give fucks because I enjoy them.

Lets see if I can manage not to quit for 2 years again. I really really wanted to love Draenor... I LOVE that area of the world and all of that lore... and I left some toons behind to level through it so I can see it when the nasty little cherrios huffing pussies are busy grieving in the Legion content. LOL

I really think that lowly of them. I really do. Other people carry PvP server scars... I carry griever scars. And I have a watchful wariness of the developers of this game I like so much because they clearly enjoy my misery.

All things in moderation... even WoW... and they've guaranteed it... perhaps I should just be thankful.

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