25 May 2013

put a face to the inner demon that chides you...

and draw it...

and yeah, it belongs here, not on the other blog... even if it is something that I could paint or draw...

I'm not playing WoW because I feel like I'm sitting in a vortex in the game. On the one hand all the things I love are still there... and on the other hand they have become old, familiar and same-y... and as seems to come with that realization they are also somewhat expectant because I am also old, familiar and same-y...

So along with shaking things up in my regular day-to-day life, I'm going to poke this inner demon right in the eyeball with a sharp pencil and call him what he is... boredom... and I will overcome him by choosing instead to fall back in love with the game.

Because this is what I know first and foremost about WoW and about my relationship with the game... I have never had a group of people I loved more to play with... or a group of people that I had invested more in than the guild I'm in. I did not make those investments unwisely... I have not loved playing with them because I needed to or had to... I enjoy the game and the people I play it with because for whatever reason I do... a lot.

So rather than letting myself become hesitant and burned out when things get a little same-y and routine, I can find something else to do.

my demon is boredom and my solution is to get out of the grind...

or more importantly... find another one... and another one... and another one... my warriors are stagnant, my monks are parked and my warlock is half there... all because I don't want to farm the materials and rep and and and... well... time to challenge myself.

and avoid the same-old same-old routines that are eating me and making me want to run away.

kill 'em all and let their Gods sort 'em out... it's time to play World of Warcraft!


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