06 March 2013

meet Jack...

half of the practice team for ESO... that's Jack and Jules... though I haven't decided who gets what name... lol

Jack the Spellsword, a heavy armor wearing magician who relies as heavily on her spells as on her blades and takes advantage of as many different perks and abilities as she can to come out victorious. She is the warrior as likely standing on the lip of the crater slinging spells down into the fray as she is face to face with the monsters and covered in their gore.

Her partner is Jules, the unlikely healer who can hold his own and still manage to pull out the saving heal on his partners when necessary.

Or is it Jack who will heal and Jules who will be the spellsword?

if you have not done the Dragonborn DLC and do not want it spoilt, please stop now.

I'm still torn on whether I'll go Breton and Orc and play Daggerfall Covenant or whether I'll go Nord and Dunmer and go the Ebonheart Pact route... either way I want a spellsword and a balanced support healer of some sort. The Dunmer presents himself as a perfect spellsword and the Nord as an unlikely support healer... and ultimately it will all depend on our choices and whether we're locked in one alliance per server since there are three factions and coordinating around the grievers* will be hard enough already.

tons of pics cause I love pics of my girls... and words in a silly story to support them, because I also love words about my girls.

This is the story of a girl named Jack... she wasn't born to that name... it just sort of happened and then got stuck when there wasn't anything that she couldn't do and the boys in town got tired of hearing about it... so they called her teasing names and made fun of her until she left town and they forgot all about the girl they called Jack-of-All-Trades.

Jack didn't know she was going to grow up to be as exceptional with spells as she is with blades or that she is the Dragonborn, or would marry a Destruction mage who would teach her everything he knew and then find her books when his own knowledge was lacking. She didn't know that one day she would be the bane of the World Eater and would stand alive in Sovngaard with the Tongues of history or that she would have to choose to hunt dragons into extinction or make another path through the world that would include another Dragonborn and many more dangerous adventures.

When she crossed the border into Skyrim she very nearly lost her head when she was taken captive by an overzealous Imperial hellbent on destroying Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion. By the grace of an epic accident she found herself freed and on the run.

She joined the Imperial forces in Solitude after a nasty run in with some Nords in Ulfric's own home town who were hateful and horrible to all the other races and allowed a little girl to starve rather than feed her. She rose through the ranks quickly and Jack became a hero of the Empire in the war against the Stormcloaks so that by the time she left her service she had enough money to buy a home in Solitude.

She met a handsome young mage in Riften while on a mission for the Empire and she asked him to marry her and help her care for her adopted children and they were married and they lived with their girls first in Whiterun and then in Solitude once she had been able to furnish the home properly for two growing girls. Her husband taught the girls to fish and to hunt and encouraged their dreams of becoming mages or bards or hunters, depending on where they lived.

Jack worked and traveled the world to make enough gold to build a home in Falkreath so that when she retired from adventuring each girl would have a home of her own without fear of ever being uncared for again. She filled each with gems and weapons and armor of all different types as she adventured across the world, always bringing home a sweet little treat or a new dress or toy for the girls who were so happy just to have a home and family.

And Jack discovered that she had a destiny... and like every doom driven hero before her she pursued her destiny with a voracity that could not be matched... facing Alduin, The World Eater without fear...

And when the day came that she ended the World eater and had to decide which dragons to let live and which to see an end to she decided instead to let the dragons choose and sought her adventures across the sea. With her place in Sovngaard secured and the Tongues awaiting her return once her life had been well lived, Jack returned to Tamriel where she was attacked by cultists claiming she was a false Dragonborn. As a girl often mocked for her accomplishments, she was going to Solsteim to prove the guy wrong.

And Jack learned that she wasn't the only Dragonborn, she was just the only one still living and walking the land... and so she resolved to learn all that she could and make sure that the world was safe from yet another destroyer.

And she made two very bad deals in rapid succession. 

A deal with the devil himself... one that brought her more power and more knowledge than she could ever hope to fully comprehend (and more books than she could ever read) and placed her on a path that could only end with the death of a Dragonborn.

And a deal with a madman... one that led her down into barrow after barrow... killing draugr...

and more draugr...

and still more draugr...

until she was finally able to defeat the madman and the ultimate evil he served.

With the heart and voice of a Dov she felt she might just be ready to take on the Dragonborn bent on world dominion.

The story btw, sucks and I know it, I'm working on an RP fanfic one that will post sometime soon... and the stories aren't why I play the game. ^^^ is why I play.  LOOK AT HER! Look at the "dragon aspect" graphics... they write in the voice of a dragon and then the heart and soul of one, too... OMG! Who doesn't want to play the doom driven hero who saves the world not once or twice but as often as the opportunity arises? Who doesn't dream of being able to drive their own destiny through so many amazing adventures, each with cooler outcomes than the last?

In the Bethesda temporary ESO forums (one presumes this means they'll actually make us some eventually) we had a discussion today about whether gamers should play the same sex character as themselves or whether it matters... and why so many folks don't gender bend when they play and why so many others of us do almost intentionally... many players, particularly in Skyrim and TES games spend hours making their pixels match their real world images... there are even mods for folks running the PC version that will make you look just like yourself in-game by using a photo... and this disturbs me.

To me they cross the line into a place where fun becomes dangerous and where trying to have fun WITH them becomes even more dangerous for us both. None of my characters really looks like me. Some look like I might if I lived in their world... mostly though they look like they should to be whomever they become in the world where they live. Some cuter and smaller and some larger and without the grace of fine looks to carry them.

Some of my girls are redheads, more of them are blonde... some of my boys have blonde hair, too... the realism of the game, the beauty and the thrill of it never bypasses that place where I am the girl at the keyboard with the mouse in one hand who can, at any moment, get up and do something else. And I'm as RP as it gets, really... I think.

I just like knowing that sometimes it rains inside the game and sometimes it rains outside it... and either way I have a choice not to get wet.

Just LOOK how beautiful it is... who WOULDN'T want to play here... with her?

*grievers: folks whose sole aspiration in a game or online forum is to create problems and grief for other players or posters. they existed before MMOs and found their perfect niche in the societies created by MMO and other online worlds. they're a menace, they make almost anything you do online frustrating and manage to meet and exceed their own expectations for being loathsome little worms.

in this reference the grievers would, if allowed, race like they do in WoW where you can have characters in both factions on the same server (and in Rift where everyone can see the posts regardless of faction,) to broadcast plans of attack or torte to the other alliances on a server making coordination and success almost impossible.

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