13 January 2013

thoughts on a desk calendar


and whether I'll ever even print one for myself or just use them as desktops. :)

 I'm vaguely bothered by being tied to a 7 days a week format for a calendar that can still be understood... I do like the "cracked" font... :)

Why oh why isn't there already TES calendar and prettiness? LOOK how luscious this is? lol

 Use of color and voila... no need to worry about strict 7 days stacked on 7 days formatting. I do prefer this one to the next one... not just for bronco's references, but because the picture is the color for me.

Again, that resistance to being tied to 7x5 calendar shapes... just am not sure that this is preferential to a line of 31 blocks UNDER the image... if we're doing desktops and not printed calendars... hmmm... 

This is what they look as a desktop right now... 

Just a thought. I'll continue to put stuff here and let the few folks around vote. :)

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