01 January 2013

the holiday party pics as promised...

 Aroogala - Goblin?

 Art or Wentz?

 Art, Greg, Celebdor, Jaykit, UK, Aroo and Oke

 Artrekz in Amber

 Boreas 1

 Boreas 2 - Variation on a B&W Theme? :)

 Celebdor 2 (first he's puttin' on the ritz, worgen style above)

 Gregar and Jaykit

 Jaykit, UK, Aroogala and Oke

 Oke and Jules


 Okeret, Master of the Ways... ONNA MAMMOTH!

 Wentz, Art, Greg and Jaykit

 Art or Wentz, Greg and Jaykit 
(I think the bugs are Art... pretty sure he had the naga pet and Wentz was rockin' the dragonkin)


  Wentzky and Gregar

UK, Wentz, Boreas, Celebdor, Gregar and Kilijan

Renaissance Guild Drake Tree!

Now please vote for the "best" costumes... silliest, sexiest and most different from themselves.
The winners will receive their prizes and have their pictures featured on the guild site with titles. :)
be creative when you vote, you just might give them the title!!!

Happy Holidays to all... I'm not sure how much of the festivities will translate to next year's celebration and how much of it will just be a fond memory. There were no "tag" or "hot potato" contests and hide and seek was a full scale Wentz sweep. LOL

Thank you for all of your participation. It was a real lot of fun. 

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