16 August 2012

A quick recap before it all changes... Baelgun first...

My girls are working to get ready... first on Baelgun where I play with Renaissance (see link below) and where we will soon be growing again after a summer of restful preparation for a new expansion.

I've had a love to hate relationship with WoW and ultimately I play it because it was my first online world of exploration and I love it. I will always love it and I will also always rail against a company that treats us like idiots for bothering to spend our money and our time enjoying their creation.

Julienne - Born on Baelgun, US
Protection Warrior
Level 85, non-raiding
Renaissance Guild - Alliance

Pretty in Purple transmogrification set with elements from the Darkmoon Faire and a cloak gifted by Thrall, former Warchief of the Horde.

She fished up the turtle mount and dalaran rat in the same day after catching 1,000 fish... the mount is a .001 chance drop... lol

This girl was born to fight and to explore and once shared a background story with the 1.0 version of herself... I've never given her a background story and now feel like she needs to write her own story as she makes her way because she's not like the first girl at all... not really.

This girl bravely goes where others can only follow and she does it with a laugh and a toss of her head and knowledge that she can do what others only wish they were able to. Cocky. Self assured. Successful.

Julienne loves her role in any party and loves wandering the countryside in search of metals and herbs because it gives her the time to sort out thoughts and ideas that come more easily to other people on Azeroth and are complex for her.

Her best friends are a mage who occasionally has to explain things twice to the headstrong warrior and a sexy male druid who takes the time to explain to the warrior for his own lascivious purposes. He has designs on her lovely self and is patient enough to know that she is still young and finding her way in the world.

Julienne fell in love with Renaissance and the leaders she found there and has brought many of her friends with her to join them. She loves her new family and looks forward to sharing a whole new exploration.

Julienne's bank demonstrates her care in having only what she needs to get by and a little to share with a friend. She leads the same way she does everything, efficiently and impatiently.

Allumette - Born on Uldaman, US
Fury Warrior
Level 85, raiding
aka: Julienne, Uldaman, US and Allumette, Cenarius, US
Renaissance - Alliance - Baelgun, US
formerly: Decadence, Inc., Levi Somnus and Devils of the Alliance

A lovely fair skinned blonde in the wicked reds of rage. There will be stories told about this girl long after she is gone. The warrior who dared stand against dragons, the girl who dared fight for her King and who defeated Arthas in the Ice Crown Citadel.

A girl from South Shore who only wanted to be a sailor and found herself the star of fan fiction that took her from being a humble warrior in a world populated by stars of all races and classes that is mated to a bronze dragon and plays an important part in the future of her world as a human touched by dragons and guided by destiny and the old Gods; titans who had a vested interest in her life from the moment that it first started.

This is the warrior who was born Julienne on Uldaman in the Decadence, Inc. guild and became Allumette the raid leader, the organizer, the guild mistress and friend to many on three servers in a single lifetime.

She specializes in being a fury warrior, a hero who wields two massive two handed weapons with the finesse and ease of one who wields much smaller weapons. She has done this in the face of scorn and complaint that it could not be done. She has sought and received assistance along the way from the most decorated and successful players in her class and specialization from the very beginning and shines as an example of optimism and creativity in the face of adversity and hardship.

Allumette lives on Baelgun, US now in a guild called Renaissance where she is the big sister and ally to Julienne and all of the other characters in her family. Her best friends are scattered and often she hears them only in her mind as she takes on new tasks... always they are close and near and dear in her heart where she begins and ends each battle with a shout to the Gods and a victorious dance that is both silly and heartfelt. She is my main in every way it is possible to be primary and beloved.

Allumette's Bank shows an Inscriptionist with a tendency towards fine clothes and foods.

Kilijan - Born Holle, Akama, US
Blood Death Knight
aka: Holle, Akama, US Horde and Alliance, Hollenna, Cenarius, US
Level 83.8, non-raiding
Renaissance Guild - Alliance
formerly: Circle of Swords, Levi Somnus, Devils of the Alliance and a number of Horde guilds already swallowed by larger guilds

Kilijan is haunted by a life restarted as a Death Knight after a life lived well and proudly for her people.

Her fan fic life has been sordid and included many tales told in cooperation between herself and an incredibly sexy Tauren Druid named Saltene who was obsessed with the petit beauty when she had blue hair and they fought side by side to end Arthas' rule over Ice Crown.

Now she haunts the Citadel from her home and hearth of Dalaran and watches closely to preserve the peace that she believes will always be tenuous at best.

Erijan is a soldier first and her other pursuits are always secondary. She tanked in blood spec before it was the tanking spec, pressing her hatred and dedication to a height of damage to her opponents that kept their undivided attention even to her own deficit and damage.

This Death Knight is relearning the ways of the living and has excelled herself as a chef and in the collection of goods for the residents of Azeroth who require assistance.

In relearning what it means to be among the living, Erijan has also taken it upon herself to master the Argent Tournament and divides her time between pursuits on Azeroth where the Cataclysm has left so many destroyed places in need of protection and the tournaments that used to cull for the fight against Arthas' minions in the Citadel and now stand as a reminder that only a world that is ready can ever stand united against their foe.

Erijan stands in a small group of elite warriors for the Alliance who has fought on both sides of the lines and understands the power of a united Azeroth against her foes. She feels the need for peace in her frozen bones and strives towards it in everything she does, choosing to lay aside her pursuits of glory for either Horde or Alliance banner and instead seeking to strengthen the peoples who choose peace.

Erijan's banks demonstrate her many special abilities. An Inscriptionist who is also a Master Alchemist who specializes in Transfiguration, her skills as a metalurgist and gemologist are often required.

And all of the girls would be lost without the little girl who stands in town and watches over the trinkets and gifts and supplies that they need, sometimes at a moment's notice.

Kilijan... the baby warlock who is now a banker and keeper of the riches.

Kilijan who is ready to supply a new group of monks and pandas and get them ready for the adventures coming in Mists of Pandaria! Someday she'll grow up. For now she's happy where she is.