05 April 2012

braggin? me? never...

I wannit wannit wannit for Allumette!

first and second halves of LFR. SOOOO close. OMG... Arms calls and I refuse that seductive voice as a false and bedeviling evil that is trying to seduce me from my true calling.

and omg it's hard... when they can pull 8% of the DPS in my gear it's so hard NOT to go arms.

I'm working to combine the Julienne stories so that the girl who was formerly Julienne and is now Allumette is not forgotten and so that the girl who now wears the name Julienne is not overshadowed by the past.


Moar dragons and stories about combat... and and and... I'll link them in a blog entry in order at some point. They're here, and more coming.

02 April 2012

Garthuz whispers: your a good tanker

To Garthuz: Thanks. lol :)

and then 1 pull where he's not where he should be and does not anticipate the fight well and gets aggro and suddenly...

"Tanker, are you a resurrection?"

tons of gook in the middle while everyone chats and guesses what he means and doesn't follow instructions

Julienne says: "Everyone stand here please."

Julienne places Green Smoke Flare around corner from open door where patrol is coming and jumps up and down on it.

"Stand here please."

Heals and DPS make the pull by LOS as pat walks up the hallway.

Julienne picks up gross pull and locks it, we kill them all and then I have to eat chocolate cake to heal myself back up.


"Huh? I don't know what you mean."

tons of talking and guessing from other party members and looting in the middle

"No, I meant... are you a scroll of resurrection?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"That should be quite evident."

Thank you, Garthuz of Wildhammer... you jiggerheaded asshat. You excel yourself as only the second member of your class ever to manage to be such a beastly shit that you make the forever hall of shame in my blog. You use words like QUITE EVIDENT AND TANKER like common place things as if they're both intelligent.

Hint... only one thing you said sounded the least bit intelligent and it is highlighted by the idiocy around it in a way that is ironic, not funny.

I'm level 80. I became a tank at level 70. I've maybe tanked 20 fights outside of leveling and questing and doing dailies on my own.

I've never tanked that fight before on this character AND you and the others are making pulls, not staying on target AND managing to forget the basic rules of dungeoneering in an MMO and I'M THE SCROLL OF RESURRECTION because I managed to lose control of 1 pull and didn't have time to explain how to use the harpoons before we were fighting in the gauntlet?

Oh wait... you had aggro because you thought it was a good thing to pull down the boss without warning and mobs spawned where you thought you'd tuck yourself into just as he hit... that's right. In a boss fight I was pulling them off you and you were hitting them rather than moving. Oh yeah. Oh, and Garthuz of Wildhammer? RUN TO THE TANK stupid. What are you, a scroll? Oh... no... just a tool.

Honestly, he should NOT have needed the second highest overall heals. I DID let him take way too much damage in the last few fights because I was pissed at him. I WAS inappropriate there. I did say out loud in vent in front of a handful of healers (did I mention I have always got stellar timing for embarrassing myself and making myself look bad? I can do it 100% of the time at exactly the WRONG time) "What, does he want me to show him how he can die? I could arrange it." And then dropped 2 mobs on his head in a fight that I didn't take back until everything else was dead by removing my vigilance from him and putting it on Puris just before the pat came by... so... dick move on my part and he's not even clever enough to know it. He just figures he got even more proof that I'm a fail tank.

Sigh. It does take a measure of intellect to determine the best way to pay you back IN COMBAT and still protect the only friend I have in the group.


Kiss my ass. My queue is shorter than your queue.

Anyway... lol.

The funniest thing was my use of the smoke flare and having it ENTIRELY ignored. (That's unfair, PURIS went there. WOOOT YOU GO GIRL!)

Tell them where to be or what to do and they rebel based on some sense of stubborn stupidity because they're nasty dirty little children or adults with no real lives to feel powerful in. DON'T tell them where to be or what to do and they are pissed at you because you're supposed to be in charge and you MADE them wipe. You suck! You need to be voted out of the group!

and you know... if I'm damned both ways then it oughta at least be fun for me, right?

FIRST RULE OF WOW: If it's not fun you're doing it wrong.


I love tanking. :P I'd forgotten how good it can be. WOOT FOR WARRIORS!

Peace be your journey. I really do love being the tank. I should have done it a long time ago, and not just because you can be a jerk and not get caught at it, either. LOL