03 March 2012

ok so having a moment here...

First... a good raid leader knows the fights and researches them. Makes sure they know what to expect before going in with a mixed group of individuals who all have different experience levels, skill levels and temperaments. More than one source should be utilized as this is important in making sure that you're prepared for any group composition.

Scheduling one's companions can be a challenge in today's busy world of family and friends and work commitments. Utilizing the in-game calendar is an excellent method of making sure that everyone is able to show up. Requiring that members use the calendar is difficult and often fails. Resorting to paper schedules is tedious and time consuming and often inaccurate.

Know your world map and the locations where you can find the very many supplies that you will be expected to supply. As the raid leader you will be expected to be sure that you have all the necessary supplies, and relying on any one team member to supply one part of these supplies leaves the leadership and potentially the raid in a position where vital needs are unmet due to unforeseen events.

In a standard Cataclysm Raid the following "supplies" and their components are vital:

Let us recap before we continue:

The Big Cauldron of Battle requires Friendly with your guild and MAXED Alchemy in order to be able to create it. This binds on a Battle.net account, and so one character on your account can make and mail them to another of your own characters. It cannot be made for you by anyone else. If a raid member does not have the ability to create them then it becomes the responsibility of the Raid Leader to acquire them.

Materials for 4 cauldrons (this is enough for 2 raid nights) per week:

Azshara's Veil = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week
Cinderbloom = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week
Twilight Jasmine = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week
Volatile Life = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 4 types x 4 cauldrons = 384 per week
Whiptail = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week

You wont just know the map, folks... you're gonna be able to fly and farm it sleeping. You'll have to. Really.

And we're not quite done...

so that's an additional few hours fishing... because you need at least 20 feasts per week (this does not persist through death, and some bosses are multiple wipes... legitimately you'd want 40 to be covered, and still... food is only SOME of the buffs and most people carry food for their characters.)

That's 40 of each of 3 types of fish per week.


I don't know how badly I really wanna raid, to tell the truth.

All things considered.

1. They wanna do it so much that they never check the calendar and rely on invites on the night of the event.

2. They wanna do it so much that they can't be asked to check the raid guides.

3. They wanna do it so much that they will tell you to your face that they need to be flexible because at any time something else might come up and they won't be there.

Honestly... as much as I really really wanna do it and as much as I know that I can do it... I have neither the interest in nor the patience for all this shit so that I can hand-hold and mollycoddle adults through the content again.

I might hate hard-core raid guilds... and I really love the peeps I am playing with now... and honest to the Gods, it takes them 2.5 fucking hours just to organize making 8 pieces of godsdamned lowbie gear and figure out which instance they want to run with dinner, and kids and checking the wiki and... and... and...

I feel like I've been beating my head against the wall and I can't figure out exactly what the trouble is. Am I borrowing the frustration of trying to explain AGAIN that raiding is not casual? Am I feeling the bruises left over from the last time I tried to do this? I have our GM doing his best to refer people to me who want to do raiding on the weekend and no one is stepping up to say "lets meet and discuss this" or "hey, how can I lend a hand" or ANYTHING that looks like taking responsiblity for what they'd like to do...

so what I hear is Cartman's voice saying: Grind the fucking mats, cook me a seafood pot pie and tell me what to do very specifically step by step in the nicest and politest possible of ways, bitch.

and to that I gots only one thing to say...

Then you'd better show up on time with fucking bells on because I'mma only say it once and then it's gonna hurt a real lot and that's gonna be ALL YOU... then we'll find out who's the bitch, babe.

oh, and I think you have some seafood on your robes.

lmao... UGH

Yeah... thinking this is a no. not that I can't... is entirely that I wont. And I'm not sorry.

I know, I know... tell us how you really feel about it, Ruth.

peace... and if not peaceful then at least don't be the head cat herder of the second string of cats...

29 February 2012

so ummm... yeah... lol

31.5 % WOOT ("otherworldly buffs" make DPS astronomical... percentage tracking only)
Overall... not so bad. 29.1% (same "otherworldly buffs" so % tracking only)
LFR Overall after First Fight -- 25 man fight means 5.5% or more... have work to do.
Dark Globs - yay multi-target, huh?
Yor'Sahj -- still single target work to do.
Hagara -- Getting closer, unpredictable. Still have work to do.
and overall when it was all said and done.

LFR again this week. Only "first 4" bosses so far... tonight is next group.

And numbers from instances where it's ultimately SO much easier to steal the show. lol

Pretty much the same LFR that it was last week and I'm really glad I did it Tuesday night and not Thursday during the day. Some less name calling, some more organization and a little more fun was had by all, as near as I could tell. I was ignoring them and jamming out to Disturbed.

Rebuilding my resume and other things are keeping me out of WoW so this is really just an update so I can look back after MoP and cry while I laugh myself silly. heh

I'm struggling against the switch from Fury to Arms because a rumor has it that Arms is about to be nerfed like Fury keeps getting. I'll wait and see. If it comes down to it I may have to consider looking at Arms as a second specialization to replace my currently unused Prot one.

(hey, right now Draugdagnir, Jason's character can pull 31,000 DPS overall in the same instance where Allumette is pulling 23,000 even though on some fights we're within a couple thousand points of each other. That's a MASSIVE difference that can make or break a raid, depending on the DPS of others... really. Besides... hello? I want to be the star. Jeeze.)

*eye roll*

Erijan is headed tanking asap... dual wield blood. :) is yummy to watch and is a beast for threat. Only warning in my mind is that it also looks like he was taking a tremendous lot of heals. Of course... could have been the healer. She wasn't prepared for me to get a debuff that killed me at one point and then at the end of the fight told me off for "standing in stuff" I didn't stand in. Is alright, ultimately. I'm not the tank, just the bling... and sometimes (more often than not, really) I die that way.

Am prepared for Naxxramas run this week as a guild. Event is posted, reminder macro created, money and "prizes" are collected for the two contests I'm running... now need to go read the Naxx 25 guides so that I can actually provide SOME information, since it can still be a beast at level and ignoring the raid mechanics can be fun and is still dangerous.

Case in point: Patchwerk requires a second tank... without one the closest next amount of threat is going to eat a massive attack that kills them in pretty much one shot. Must have heavy heals on both... even at levels in excess of the previously required 80.

One Shot Lotto:
random bosses have been selected for One Shot Lotto... down them in one try and roll to win prize and 100g.

On the Spot:
Trivia.. be the first to answer in raid chat and receive 50g.

It's less the money than the idea in my mind that it promotes healthy raid awareness and competition and also the concept that knowing more than the required is rewarded.

I know... preach preach preach... it's still only WoW and no one seems really interested in learning or owning what they do anymore... I'm still determined to make a difference one player at a time because they ALL go outside SOMETIME and omg... have you seen the havoc being wreaked everywhere by the miopic and self-centered people that we're all becoming?

peace... work work work... maybe then I can be less dull? For sure I can appreciate my time in Azeroth... and miss my time in Tamriel.

27 February 2012

don't be a drag... just be a queen

in the religion of the insecure, I must be myself and respect my youth...
give yourself prudence and love your friends...
I'm beautiful in my own way, 'cause God makes no mistakes.
I'm on the right track, baby... I was born this way.

ok, stolen and paraphrased

and still... a life lesson important in more than gaming for me.

Raid leading is the process of bringing 25 people together with the same goals. There is training involved. Assessment of skills and roles and necessary equipment and supplies to be determined and then gathered. There is direct leadership. Direct training. Direct management in every step of the process. Anyone who says otherwise is being an asshat or simply has no idea what they're talking about.

Either way, if you disagree then you're wrong.

So now take a step back.

I'm a raid leader. I may not be the flavor or color of raid leader that a social guild prefers... in fact, I might just never be able to pretend to be. I've already been a raid leader in not one but TWO hardcore raid guilds. I already know I gots the stuffs, so to speak. Being corrected by folks looking for a gentler hand than mine is like telling Anne Rice that she needs a little more dark sex in her books... it's... well... wrong.

I'm a people person. I'm positive and generally amiable in every way.

If there was EVER a raid leader likely to override a roll and assign gear to the least geared member of the raid because they need the upgrade, it's me. If there was ever a leader likely to do something totally dorky and kindergarten to get the group to remember they were supposed to have fun, well... try One Shot Lotto and On The Spot Pop Quizzes as goofiness beyond anything a hardcore raid guild can really stand.

I'm really very good at instinctively motivating a group towards success. I'm unflappable in the face of failure and manage through luck and skill to beat even the hardest of odds in the last second so that we're all breathless and screaming out loud with the excitement of it all.

There is really no one better than I am at assessing a known situation and applying experience to the problem creatively in order to solve it more effectively than last time.

You have only my word for that and it's a really GOOD word. You may just have to trust me on that, as well. You wont be sorry for it, promise.

It's neither cruel or overly hardcore of me to expect that the people who show up to raid show up and are prepared by understanding what is expected of them.

It is also not overly hardcore of me to expect to be given the respect that my leadership and skills are worth. Either I am or I am not in charge... no more reasserting myself to be heard over the boss. I shouldn't have a conflict... if there's another boss then they are in charge.


and perfect in it's simplicity, really... see, I know I'm a badass... I have nothing to prove. Why I keep being tempted into doing it is beyond me.


I'm creating some stuffs and putting them out here more to get in the habit of explaining them. We'll see if anyone ever even uses them. LOL

peace and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and leave them wishing you'd done it twice.

epic is as epic does and epic fail is just sad.

26 February 2012

oi vey and wtf?


so yeah... no one is reading this anyway, I'm pretty sure.

so I'mma be honest here.

I want to raid. I do not want to raid with people I don't like. I really like the folks in Underground Connection, just the way I really liked the folks in Decadence, Inc.

And I'm not sure I want to raid with people I do like if they're unreliable. I find that I'm in the same place I was even more quickly than I was with Decadence.

Social CAN equal raiding... this is serious and it's also not a misguided fool's wishes and wants... I know this can be done. I am just not sure it can be done by me.

I'm feeling utterly defeated and crabby and worn out and I haven't even really led a raid yet... I wasn't allowed and never have been. Our GM means well and because he's accustomed to the group and not accustomed to me he has no idea that stepping in and "helping" was the equivalent of discrediting me. And I let him. And then I failed to make sure I had what I needed to run the second part of the raid today.


No feasts. I can't make the cauldrons and the character who can make them for me isn't friendly enough with the guild to get the recipe make them and send them to Allumette yet.

so it's farm farm farm again... lots of it... fish until I'm sick of the buttons and pick herbs until I've relearned every node in every zone again so that I can send Erijan the materials and have the flasks until I have the rep and recipe for the cauldrons that bind on account.

read read read and pug pug pug until I know the content enough to lead it and am not reliant on folks who don't show or who only know their role in a given fight.

It's seriously time for me to sit down and decide what it is that I want. I've done a lot of whining and complaining about what I don't want.

I want to raid.
I want to raid with a group of individuals who personally feel a responsibility to research what they need to know about what we're doing and then can actively participate in planning a strategy that will highlight their strengths in their particular class, specialization and role.
I want to raid with a group of individuals who are self aware enough to know their strengths and weaknesses.
I want to raid with a group of individuals who understands the distinction and definition of class specialization and role.
I want to raid with a group of individuals who are responsible and respectful enough to sign up for and commit to what they're going to do in advance and then are on time showing up.
I want to raid with a group of individuals who want to raid enough to follow up on invites.

I just don't feel like this is a lot to ask.


I can't lead from the bottom. Topping from the bottom is unhealthy and dangerous. lol

Maybe next week will be better?

peace... and if not peaceful then at least let it work as it should and not become a headache before you're starting the search for a job that means you make or break all your personal goals.

WoW... some things never change.

and perhaps that is just as it should be?