13 November 2012

pics worth a few words at least...

is it just me or does this lion appear to be wearing glasses at this distance?

Kilijan was on her way to Northrend to fly to Dalaran and set her hearthstone... and I happened to notice that from the distance of where the boat will stop this lion appears to have on glasses, and I liked the image.

Once setting Kil's hearth in Dalaran I sent her around the "right way" to the content that I actually prefer... see... Borean Tundra is a very leisurely walk for the Alliance. I like the Howling Fijord start much better. Below is a gratuitous shot of Kilijan on the boat departing Menethil Harbor.

You arrive in a boat from your capital city at a well groomed keep under attack by Nerubians who are failing to make a terrible difference to the grounds inside the keep. The quests are tidy and safe and you can progress gently from clearing spiders and bats to zombies and then outwards in an arc that reminds me that a lot of the players of WoW are younger than me.

When you arrive at Valgarde Keep in the Howling Fijord, however... things are not so neatly groomed. The Vry'kul are attacking in ernest right outside and the folks in charge have no time for molly coddling or easing you into the fray. You begin by exiting into a war zone and then must continue to make  your way through the Vry'kul village to a dank terrible underground area under the Keep where there will be not one but two dungeons for you. You meet the Lich King... things are... not tidy and not safe.

I will find another picture of the Arthas Menethil Lich King later... for now... this is not him. If you use the incense and travel out of your body away from the vision of the titanic Vry'kul couple deciding that their little human baby must be sent away and cannot be seen by the other Vry'kul and you brave the Val'kyr all around Wyrmskull Village to get to the base of the stairs leading up into Utgarde Keep... the Lich King will punish you for your arrogance.

He was a Shaman once, and he knows that a Shaman has sent you from another time to discover his plans in this village, and he's not happy about it.

All in all the trip through Northrend without Belegorad has been strange. It isn't like I didn't do it without him a number of times... and still... I miss his ready presence as much as I miss his name in the guild roster and miss his sometimes cutting commentary on my playing style and habits. LOL

It was with Belegorad that I learned that I preferred the Howling Fijord Alliance leveling experience, with Belegorad and his constant exploration of the world of Azeroth that I discovered that the Lich King would punish our clever misuse of the tools provided by a Shaman interested in learning how the Vry'kul have been linked for so long to the Lich King and it was with Belegorad that I learned so much about the depth and dimension of such a simple looking game.

On another note... I love my warlock. She is definately one of my two new main characters. I've done the research, I understand her rotation and the tools that she has that no other class can bring to a raid. She is level 75 now and well on her way to distinguishing herself in any raid where Anpu is not present already. LOL

Another gratuitous shot headed towards Goldshire from Stormwind... because I could and it was "pretty."

Monkibizniz and Sigvorth are both progressing beautifully. I haven't decided yet what their outcome is except that Sigvorth will be my other primary character... not perhaps my main, and still the character most likely to be played more often than the warlock, unless Renaissance just doesn't have enough mages or other ranged to fill the holes. Sig is a healer and I love him. I hate the tanks he has to run with, and I still love him. I thought about dual specialization with him to give him options and then decided I really don't want him to be anything else.

A monk and a warlock replace a pair of warriors who will level and gear and continue to lend their professions to the "team" I have assembled that now also includes Sweetassyn on Baelgun.

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  1. I really need to get another of my toons up to Northrend... I love leveling up there. :)