29 November 2012

Kilijan is all grown up now...

and if you believe that I have some great ocean front property for you in Redridge.

She IS level 90!

Now to sort out the mass of dailies (Klaxxi, Tillers, Anglers, and I'm sure I'm missing a dozen or more who are now wanting me to come and help and from whom I can get some awesome loots in return) and figure out who to level next.

I want to level my healer and set myself to the challenge of learning a whole new really hard thing to do. Whatever other people say, Monk heals are twitchy. I've watched the reactions to them in dungeons and seen how very stat and gear prone they are in upper levels. This will be as big of a challenge as my Fury warrior and my Affliction 'lock. WOOT

Allumette seems next logical, however because I have always used her as my main character and because the guild is hell-bent on Darkmoon Cards. By hell-bent I mean farming herbs on a full 24 hour rotation and milling inks.

No on has ever listened to me or "cared" that I feel like this is gambling and that I have never been overly interested in it as a hobby. I'd rather farm the herbs I need for flasks and potions and leave the trinket farming to those with the money to spare for it. I make my money from the things I make milling and making stuff. Every guild I've ever been in did this on the new expansion. Well, every guild after Decadence, Inc. and including Decadence once they found out about raiding in any serious way.

At least Okeret isn't amassing gold. He's not farming it to farm people. He's trying to get us all trinks for raiding. And in that, I will support him and farm and make the damned cards. I just refuse to "wish for a certain card" while I'm making them anymore. That's what the fortune cookies are for... LOL

Let me say here sarcastically and ACIDICALLY Thank you, Blizzard. Just when I'm suffering a missing of Trion that is pulling my mind back and away from my drive to have 5 level 90 toons in your game. I cannot express to you my absolute admiration for your ability to fuck it up royally just a few weeks after each new expansion so that we can all tell who you're really making the game for. You're the assholes we all love to hate and boy are you fucking good at it. Hats off to you, while we bend over and moon your moronic asses.

That's all I have of that for now. I'm still too angry to think. I might eventually detail out for you the reduced herb spawns, the vastly more expensive inscriptions and potions and flasks and elixirs as a result. The constant farming that has become the point of the game. It is no longer about playing or dungeons or having fun. The end-game in WoW is only the farm... and part of me fears that this is in direct relationship to the crying 80's and 85's from the last two expansions that listed Rift as a way to balance the game. Do you not realize those fuckers played EQ? I don't want a 30 part 4 profession requirement for building my own motherfucking furniture in WoW. That's what EQ is for.

The neverending rep grind begins for me in earnest... the constant contact with assholes and asshats from other servers in every area where I can grind for herbs and mines and fish and anything else I need until there are no nodes active in any zone because there were fewer of them after the last patch. Leaving the Spirit of Harmony soul bound after making it just a little harder to get anything else so that the prices in the AH that already is a laughable place to be assraped by the other players with a mind to do so is filled with thieves and thugs and gold farmers.

yeah. I sit on the edge of being hateful right now and I am struggling very valiantly against it. you all know what comes next... 6 months in Rift and Skyrim while I cool off... demotion in the guild... missing friends and a constant sense of guilt because I SHOULD be loving something I'm fucking angry at. yeah. I'm resisting that.

Thank you, Penny Arcade for the reminder that we are all cyclical and that WoW is always a rich source of humor and frustration. Here is a post with all of their WoW related comics EVER.

Yeah... maybe more than on the edge or verge of it, huh? LOL

To clarify... EQ is an awesome game that fundamentally changed the way that gaming works for lots of people and in lots of designer's minds as they made their own games.

Rift is not EQ and is very different from EQ. Rift is also not WoW and is very different from WoW. There are some obvious similarities between Rift and EQ and some very clear differences. The grind in professions mirrors that of some of the harder games and it makes my headache just thinking how many things Julienne skinned and didn't get a single level out of. In a whole day playing I got 2 bubbles of experience. The game is about the game and not the progression and Trion took the "make 'em work for it" method of leveling and progression. It hurts and will be godsdamned worth it when I get there... in a year or two.

And WoW is no longer WoW in the very sense of the word.... ask for something to be made available to your other characters and you want the game dummied down... complain and you're in the mass of people doing the same and don't say anything and you're like the other 90% of the sheep-like masses who are playing the game and for whom the real inconveniences are being made in the first place. The gift of Pandaria with "Slow down!" and "There is no hurry." From all the pandas you'll meet is in the message that they mean it. You have rapid leveling progression and you'll get into raids pretty fast with all the stuff available to you and for the best things you're gonna have to work, and work hard and work long because we're making sure that you get SLOWED THE FUCK DOWN.

Hi ho... hi ho... its off to farm I go... there's quests to do and tons to sell... hi ho... hi ho... hi ho... hi ho...

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