20 November 2012

Jon bought me Rift again...

Storm Legion... omg

every bit as beautiful and amazing as Rift has always been... every bit as addictive and almost tediously alien as it has ever been...

We can cook and fish and sew tents and sleeping bags now... and we can eat foods that animate like you're eating foods. This is squid, I believe.

The wardrobe now allows a player the freedom to wear any type of armor as a skin over their real armor. This outfit Alex made for me has been in my bank in the wishful hopeful desire that Trion would listen where Blizzard has not and would allow us more customization and freedom with our looks in a game where some of the most beautiful and dangerous NPC's all wear incredibly lovely armor that is next to nothing.

Tulan is a beautiful place full of lovely new and familiar flora and fauna...

With breathtaking backdrops...

And astounding new artwork and scenery... the building here is massive... and nothing compared to the NEW city we discover and use as a base... Meridian would fit in the courtyard of this ancient civilization that the Telaran's have known about and have known were all but extinct until the danger of  Crucia recruiting there brought us to the shores of these foreign and still... pretty familiar lands.

Their technology is very advanced, like the Ethian technology lost so long ago in the Mathosian history that we've learned so far in Rift. I'll get some pictures of the devices and robots later.

My cat now looks more like Sid Vicious than like he used to, so his name is different now. He is Mau and he is lovely if not... well... as pretty as he used to be when he was purple and blue and looked like he should have come from the clouds.

There are new monsters to kill and honestly, this capture does him NO justice. This is one UGLY BEAR!

Julienne is now a Pathfinder when she has her pet, a Storm Warrior when she is using her new soul tree and is a Paragon (Death Bringer? I can't remember now) in her third. It took me hours of playing to respec and rework her bars and attacks so that she doesn't die as soon as she attacks things.

2.5 bubbles into level 50... it's a brave new world!

Trion could teach Blizzard a thing or two... and I hope that both Blizzard AND Trion are teaching Bethesda a thing or ten before we get the Elder Scrolls MMO...

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