23 October 2012

lots of different little thoughts

I want a kite for Allu... I also want the crimson dragon...

Just because. I don't need another reason. I wanted the bronze drake, I got it. I wanted the azure drake, I got it. Beta Jules got the green protodrake from an Oracle Egg and real game Jules stopped trying for it.

Now I want this one. End of.


Yay for WoW giving us goals, yeah?

Figuring out cooking has become such a drama that I'm sort of doing it in stages of stubborn dedication followed by defeated ass licking and repeated "I meant to do that" moments like a cat that smashed into a plate glass window in pursuit of a bird outside. I will figure it out. I have a reputation to uphold, afterall. And until then... I have many other distractions.

The monks are sort of parked... less from necessity or decision and more from a lack of desire to run them because I've been running the warlock who is now level 54 and almost to outlands. My intent was to get her there and park. I might not. I REALLY LOVE her. 

Right now I'm still undecided who my "mains" will be... I'm thinking Kilijan and Sigvorth. The monks are just SO beautiful. I'm also hesitant to go head to head with a million other players as a monk healer and that's just what I'll have to do. EVERYONE said they were going dps and tank on the monks... and rapidly they have all become healers. I don't like to do what everyone else does... I feel all cut from a die and forced to conform and I'm playing to avoid that feeling... and still... I really love him.

I "accidentally" found the missing element of my witchy warlock's transmog set... 

the feline familiar.

He HAD to happen. Not only is he perfect with a little 'tude and a cool hat and a broomstick to follow in flight... he's cute. I loved him so much I might just train up his pet battle abilities and make him the primary who fights for Kilijan.

For those who do NOT know, warlocks are wizards who have taken another path and have chosen a darker side to their magic and the energies and minions that they employ. Really a warlock in WoW is a dark witch... one who bends demons and other creatures like Imps and felguards to their will.

Have I said that I LOVE this game? I love to hate it, too... so I'm like the rest of the fan base. And... I love this game.

Kilijan MAY become Gidean, the name is available on the server. I don't know if I really want to spend the money for the name change... and I keep calling her Gidean, so... I probably will. Besides, the name is perfect. I think.

and lastly... sometimes in WoW I have moments of memory flash because they have woven SO many easter eggs (content directly tied to another world or story that can randomly be found in the game) and so many cross-game cross-universe cross-reality references into the world of Azeroth. Robby Flay, for instance, will give you cooking quests to do in Stormwind. 


while trick or treating your way around Azeroth during Hallow's End you can occasionally be "tricked" when you are treated... being given a disguise that takes 45 seconds to wear off and often ties you to the ground in whatever form it is, preventing flight, mounting and generally spell casting.

This one reminds me of an episode of Buffy that ends with Giles pointing out that the ancient text beside the diagram in the monster manual translates "roughly" to "pictured actual size."

I'm having trouble remembering if there was ALSO an episode of Charmed with a similar twist... and still, this one LOOKS like the one I recall and attribute in memory to Buffy.

Thank you, Blizzard, for the fun that is Hallow's End and all of the other insanely ridiculously fun World Events you have made such a central part of the WoW experience. I'm aware that many complain... ignore them. They would complain about SOMETHING anyway... so shrug them off and please accept my sincere thanks.

Now... about that wardrobe I've asked for at least a dozen times... you know... the revolving bag made by engineers that houses all of the clothes you require us to collect for World Events and transmog and PvP or PvE and... yeah. That. WHERE IS IT DAMNIT?

peace... and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and let their gods sort them out... I don't worship the f'ers anyway.

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