06 October 2012

gettin' into Monkibizniz and other monkish thoughts...

so... I love the melee classes... I love anything that is personally responsible and I love the lessons in the new World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria for introducing concepts I've held personally dear for a long time and for doing it in a way that is... well... addictive as hell.

This is definately another expansion that I feel like belongs to me. Cataclysm was fun and I enjoyed my time in that expansion... and like the Lich King expansion, I feel connected on strange levels to the Pandaren and to their lessons and to the fun that playing in Pandaria represents.

Meet Monkibizniz... a Windwalker who has just picked up the Brewmaster specialization as her secondary specialization.

A white haired human female monk modeled as a joke after the monks in Diablo... she wears two different very similar transmogrified looks depending on whether her job is to kill them all or just distract them while you kill them all... I love the Windwalker class and am hesitant to begin her Brewmaster spec until I have leveled all the way up because so few people understand Monk tanking right now and I'm having fun with her just the way she is.

And Sigvorth... the bear whose name means "defender of peace through combat" and also "farmer... harvester of water and land." I thought it was clever being that the Pandaren have a racial ability to gain more benefit from food than the other races of Azeroth... and that he's a healer that does combat while he heals and draws damage done from healing accomplished and vice versa. For Monks balance is everything and I love that about them.

He was modeled from the ideals presented in the MoP trailer and from my own very role-play ideals of what a massive panda bear monk who is loosely chinese might be if he belonged to me to model. He's a Gnomish Engineering Master and makes sometimes useful toys and gadgets... he tinkers all the time. He's congenial and funny and has more "little bits of wisdom" macros than any character I've ever had. He loves to dance and he's a Mistweaver with a sense of humor and honor.

I love my Pandaren monk the best and he might just replace my warrior girls.

Allumette and Julienne are busy and taking their time through Pandaria because I'm in no rush... "There is no hurry." Their blog entry comes later.

Kilijan is 49 and finally has her transmog... only Sigvorth is borrowing some of the heirloom gear so she's not quite "fully dressed."

I love her, also and may make her my secondary... the warriors and DK will be my gatherers and fun for breaks in the monotony and I might just go all ranged-ish for this expansion... playing my dps from a distance and watching the bad guys' faces melt off while Kilijan kills them and healing the damage done on Sigvorth... I haven't decided yet.

Monks are all about fun for me right now, though... in much the same way that my little warlock is all fun and not the least bit stressful for me. I'm pretending to be a newb... and because of the lessons and the quest text and the fun involved in this expansion, I'm also sharing a lot in common with my new chubby bear friend.

peace... and if it can't be peaceful then kill them all... because it is not that we fight, it is what we are fighting for that really matters.

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