21 September 2012

so my honey went crazy at the alienware store...

and they were dipshits...

so then he went crazy at the amazon sells alienware store...

and I has a new computer.

 sexy alienware laptop that tempts one to touch always and skip peripherals

 glowing keyboard = peripheral

the new setup... laptop up and monitor, keyboard, authenticator hanging from pen cup and mouse below it all... and again, the laptop is so sexy I'm tempted to take it with me places

which necesitates sharing my current bars so I can set them up on a new computer. addons don't travel with you.

how lucky for me he loves me so much that now my mac is again and forever the machine my parents wanted it to be and I have an equally OMGWTFDOYOUMEANITCOSTSTHATMUCH and WTFDOESTHISWEIRDBUTTONDO computer for gaming!

so... the girls bars... so I can get back to the less than friendly task of setting it all up again.

for all the right reasons.

also... don't tell her... but if things go right I might just be gifting this computer to my sister because her parental units aren't planning on getting her a new one and she can't play diablo or pandaria on it.

and that's... well... they're already ON this machine, see... soo... :)

what are big sisters for except to corrupt the younger ones? and hell, they bought it for me when I couldn't afford a computer for myself... Alex wouldn't touch a mac with someone else's fingers and a safety zone around himself... it seems it should stay in the family and she could strip her laptop and pass it to Joe to share with Freya. it's a working idea in my head anyway. now I have to feel like I could part with it when I love writing on it so much. LOL

maybe we'll all get lucky and she'll get a new computer for christmas.

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