02 September 2012

Erijan is 85...

Erijan - fka Holle and Hollenna
Blood Death Knight
Renaissance, Baelgun-US

She farmed her way to 85 doing archaeology in preparation for learning to make herself into a dragon.

Vial of the Sands will be her next achievement. 

This pretty lady was born on Akama in a guild called Circle of Swords and for a short time she had fun.

And then in the way of many guilds and many things "MMO" she stopped having fun with greedy friends and learning curves that speed bumped and didn't roll and so she became a Blood Elf with blue hair and a mean laugh.

"My mana tap brings all the boys to the yard."

"Thank you. I prefer epic mounts. On second thought, call me."
And then there was another change... she was taken to Cenarius to join Belegorad and Allumette (formerly Julienne) in Devils of the Alliance where she barely leveled and ended up being dragged back to Akama Alliance side and left without a guild or levels until I came to Baelgun and moved her with Allumette to join Julienne in first Underground Connection and now in Renaissance.

Through it all there are a few lessons that bear acknowledgement well... 
1. moving them isn't worth the money until you find a guild you like
2. leveling them isn't worth the time if you don't enjoy playing them
3. dress them well and you'll always smile when you see them on the load screen
4. enjoying the game doesn't include playing with people you don't like
5. friends come and go... your toons are always there.

lmao. :) mostly I'm kidding... or kinda kidding.

So... next is Kabechet, the girl who was born, died and resurrected by the Lich King as a boy named Anubusson... and Sweetassyn... the sexy other warrior who has not been my favorite warrior since her playmates all quit coming around and she left the guild she was born in.

Unlike Allumette who reforms and refashions herself... Sweets retired with her best friend and playmate some time ago and has just never really "done it for me" since. Without Myrrdinn and without Circle of Swords she's just a retired old lady warrior with a whole novel of fantasy fanfic and a life already lived. I don't delete her and I really also don't enjoy playing her.

How sad is that? My sister's guild is stuck with this retired toon... and because occasionally I drag her out to do things I can't fully retire her yet. Maybe I'll set her on a quest for the Vial of the Sands... some excuse to level her to MoP levels and then not take her out again. LOL


peace and if not peaceful then always mindful of the why... it helps you rest at night.

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