03 August 2012

when you don't have anything nice to say...

I forget the rest of that addage... lol

can't afford Rift... Skyrim is still really terribly broken for me and likely now will always be until I have a new machine... damn them to hell... best game EVER in the WHOLE WORLD and I don't get to play it. Development of the Elderscrolls MMO is... well... developing. HURRY ALREADY OMG... I'm stuck in Blizzard hell!

Blizz developers broke Diablo III for Mac. (What is it with folks killing things for my computer?)

In the US The sticky post says "try this fix". It doesn't work. The popular (and as yet not locked) post string suggests a number of things, I tried the one everyone sent kudos and thanks for... still doesn't work. If I did everything I've been able to find on the US side I wouldn't have been able to get into my game even once.

I don't know if I ever said... I might have been keepin' it on the down low...

When I signed up with my battle tag (new realID tag-same basic concept) Blizz created an EU user for me. Not sure if I was IN the EU server when I created it for some reason or what exactly happened... I figure it's because I'm an ANCIENT RELIC of a user and so my RealID that was created the day they opened it up for us and the Battle Tag also created really soon after it was opened up both existed, unlike the flood of young new users who will only have the most recent one when pointed to it and talked through it step by step and so I confounded the system and it stuck my second user in an available market, I should just be grateful it's another market where English is spoken, right?

Well... justJules is an EU poster and Allumette is a US poster... that's why I have them both linked below. They BOTH use the same login, both are the same player and funnily enough I've cross-posted stuff between them and other users haven't ever noticed. Of course, go through any forum post and see the number of times that the answer is 2 posts, 3 posts, 7 posts, 9 posts, 12 posts, 18 posts, 22 posts, 28 posts, 40 posts, 42 posts etc... above the newest post asking for help getting something to work. No one reads what anyone else says, they just want the answer to their own question. Reading the posts above would implicate them in the act of giving a shit what is going on with someone else for which the punishment would be instant acknowledgement that there's anyone else in the world.

SO... when I tried to log in on patch day my game would open and then hang there forever doing nothing. I deleted some file or another that I was directed towards by early posters in the US forums and nothing.

I went to the EU side and found this by Dave: enter the following string and you can manually launch the game.   open "/Applications/Diablo III/Diablo III.app" --args -launch
awesome, eh? I thought so. Goes right the fuck in. Manage auctions, check out my characters and I suppose I could even run the new trio to greatness... except I don't like running an unpatched game that I'm having to manu-boot to use.

Ok... so we have access... FROM THE TERMINAL... this is, in deference to the many many more PC users than Mac users who are amongst my most treasured friends, like going to DOS to manually boot a program. NOT good. NOT safe and NOT preferred by moi.

For three days and counting different blue posts have said "we're working on the problem" and "we'll have an update for you as soon as possible" and have even asked us to post our terminal logs and incident reports so that they could try to see what the hell errors are going on.

In a nutshell Blizz developers broke the Mac codes in the last patch so that we cannot even load the patch and when we try the game sits around doing nothing in a vain attempt to touch base with the mother unit... or did.
This is the new screen. Succinct and not really explorative or narrative of the problem, just another sign of the overall problem.


They've done SOMETHING anyway.

meanwhile... Dave's script still goes right on in and I have a game to play.

Blizzard... folks... you suck. You can tell me all the stories you want to about how this is really hard shit you're working on and it's complex and... and... and... right. And until I've put in 20 applications a day in my job search and called and showed up and cold-applied at every business in a 20 mile radius from my home my complaints about how hard it is to find a job are just as effective.

I suggest Torchlight... or Titan Quest (I haven't played it yet, just have seen it played before.) Torchlight is infinitely smaller and WORKS. Lots of the same mechanics and surprises and cool treats to be had in Torchlight. A lot less personal customization and WHO CARES IF IT WORKS? Torchlight 2 is on the way... I expect that will also work.

I have a copy of the Collectors Edition Mists of Pandaria held at the Game Stop near me thanks to honey. And a real frustration with the gaming company releasing it. I suspect that Diablo III did what even WoW couldn't do in the form of teaching me the important lessons in gaming. Play what works.

Also... Dave is an opensource developer who programs for both Mac and PC. He has a game on his site and I'd encourage you to check it out. He's a smart guy. On both sides of the pond he's the only one giving useable information while Blizzard sort of mulls about in their heads which department to blame and puts up unhelpful changes that cut down on the TYPES of complaints without solving the problem at all. I'd say he should be working for them except that he's effective and smart and capable and I wouldn't wish a curse like that on my worst enemies... he's one of the good guys!

In other news... PCGen really is as awesome as I said! Check it out! Use it! If you has followers or familiars the system creates a page for them in the character generation process... and there's a kickass help page if you're utterly lost or having difficulty... oh... and from the girl using the "wrong system"... PC and MAC versions are both sexy! LOL

J has never been the DM and I don't know the 3.5 rules well enough to DM for him, so I'm reading and learning and he's busting his butt to get through it. Gods help me, he had an UBER anal DM the last time he played and so it's "by the rules one at a time and I'm not sure I needed to know that" like Sean Jensen used to DM, if anyone remembers that far back. LOL I'm gonna make him NUTS.

I might play chess and checkers all in balls to the wall what dies is what dies in my pursuit to the other side of the board... when it comes to RPG I'm four or five moves out in my head on story, action and character development... :)

So far it's awesome and thanks to PCGen and the folks who have worked to clean it, cull it and make it so functional at least character generation wasn't 6 hours of page turning and negotiation.


Someday soon there will be an Elderscrolls MMO and I'll be gone for awhile... surely longer than the kids in WoW will want to wait for me. A half dozen folks left the guild over a few of us going to Diablo III for a couple weeks... lmao. If it aint about them then it aint happenin', I suppose. Between then and now MoP will come out and provided it works for Mac I'll have something new to do for awhile. As soon as I'm being paid regularly again I'll have Rift for a year, same with WoW... just so that this is never an issue of having to choose one over the other again when it's all about my mood and how much shit I'm willing to put up with to play a game.

In short, soooo many girls and boys to be in soooo many worlds.

OH... Star Wars is going free to play... :) Buy the game and you're a Jedi... or a Sith!

Gamer chics never die, they just keep reinventing themselves.

Peace and if not peaceful then have a good rant, check out Dave Nicholas' game and see what new stuff Steam has to offer. If you're really feeling adventurous try it the hard way and roll up a toon, download PCGen and print out some people to be that require YOU to decide what they look like and how they move. You might find it's awesomely addictive to have a character in your mind who is limited only by your imagination.

"Roll your spot check and tell me what you get unmodified..."

On the shelf in the quietest corner of the store there are some books and some boxes full of all sorts of wondrous things neatly stacked and shelved so that you can clearly read the spines and box sides... above them are tubes and boxes and open bowls full of brightly colored plastic shapes that resemble candy and gems. On the shelves around them are plastic wrapped packages containing maps and...

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