20 August 2012

The Cinematic Has Landed...

wtf? dude... you're gonna need this... I think.

Blizzard does it again. I love the cinematic for Mists of Pandaria

The image is blurry and I couldn't get a better one. Trust me, I love this bit. It follows a cute little Blizz joke but really the humor is in this screen cap, when you get there you'll understand.

What do you fight for? 


That's all. Work kicked my ass today. I'm tired and not really able to think to compose right now. Just wanted to share the awesome that is the cinematic trailer everyone will be tearing apart because pandas are too cute or because Blizzard sucks or whatever... I'm so tired of people being jerks. I'mma play and so will they and I'mma go on ignoring their dumb asses as being irrelevant in my life. LOL

So far Blizz isn't pissing me off this week. 


pandas... monks... companion pet battles... farmville-ish quests for the Tillers... lots of fun stuff coming soon to a PC or Mac near you!!!

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