08 August 2012

sometimes people are really worthless...

Firstly... the good stuff... and inspiration for an article on the locked blog... How World of Warcraft Could Save Your Business and The Economy, John Seely Brown.

Ok... so at youtube... the top response is... 

What he means to say is the top guild leaders, which is less than 0.1% of the players... The average players in the game are socially retarded, have extreme lack of ideas and imagination. Them being driven by passion and not "bonuses" is completely wrong. If someone doesn't get their drop, 99% of the time they will leave. It's driven by greed. Not to mention wow does not have 12 million players anymore. This is either a couple years old or he did no research at all. He surely hasn't played it. - Grassdragoon

And my response...
(and OMG I'm still logged in as Belegorad! I must create an account that is mine and not pee on my son's online persona while he doesn't even have a computer... jeebus! Lousy mom alert. Sorry, Alex. I'll fix it ASAP!)


you're actually wrong on the numbers. There are easily 12 million still playing. A ton of pre-copies of MoP showing that the bi-anual lapse of players is not a myth and is instead a natural phenomenon experienced by Azeroth before every release.  I definitely cannot disagree about the mass of the population being greedy needy nasty myopic little worms who believe that they are entitled to the fastest and bestest or they log out in a fit of ugly words and blame for the whole group, sadly they are a result of the society that World of Warcraft is played BY, not really the game itself... and I can disagree that he's talking about only .1% of the player base. You don't have to be Ensidia (now another guild) to be a high end guild... don't cut out the social guilds, the leveling guilds who are not always social, and the pvp guilds.

Exactly. He's talking about such an infinitesimally small portion of the player-base that it's essentially irrelevant at best, and misleading at worst if an employer who has no knowledge of the game sees this video. It's also very hard to take him seriously because he clearly doesn't speak like someone with firsthand experience. - Bigtimmyp1040ez


A good interviewer can know in one answer to one question whether you're worth their time, even if they continue to ask you questions in order to redeem yourself.
He didn't say HIRE THEM ALL, he gave specific examples of ways that gamers and particularly guild leaders and members of high ranking and tightly run guilds benefit corporations. After the "all gamers are gonna getta gun" mentality of the past I'm relieved and a little glad to see someone come out in support of a thing we like to do.

I could go on and on forever on this because I'm just kinda in the mood for ranting and raving like a lunatic. Let me start by saying Thank you, Corbin... AWESOMENESS IS YOUR LOT IN LIFE MY FRIEND... hugs and kisses to you... and all the cudos for finding this video.

It's probably best if I sum up here and have my moment more privately.

There IS a subset of players in World of Warcraft who develop micro-communities and in which there are rules and standards and expectations. Within those communities there are roles of leadership and roles of following and they are clearly defined and steadfastly regulated. I have been in more than a dozen guilds and the only two that kept me managed their players with the strictest of standards from before you could even be invited. 

This level of regimentation and design causes most of the players who aren't worth your time to leave the guild or badmouth guilds in /trade because they were denied applications. Not every player belongs in every guild and by forming micro-communities or collaborative corporations, if you will, there is a defined culture and control over the growth of the organization built right in.  If you don't fit keep looking. If you're clever and know exactly what you're looking for and haven't found it or are individual enough to prefer your own leadership then build it and manage it and grow it.

The first rule of every guild I've been in is that every member is an ambassador for the guild and will be held accountable for their actions even when they are not in guild groups. Good guilds don't take or encourage /trade trolls. When you shine you draw negative responses... and you draw positive ones. I can't count the number of times I've been in good guilds and we've swallowed smaller guilds who needed the strength and organization and unity to advance their own goals. Old established guilds who have absorbed a number of different organizations in their time are powerful on their servers for a reason, and it isn't from their player base. Reputation and organization are tools that strong leaders use and use well.

The fact that so many players are QQ and pewpew-ing at this video says everything it needs to about their own lack of leadership and their lack of understanding of what the video is talking about. The creative problem solving and outside of the box thinking that he values is less likely to be found in one of the internet hogging video happy WoW guilds anyway because those guys go right to the guides and do it by the book only... what he's talking about are the founders of the raiding guilds and groups who have to muddle through with the wrong party makeup and do it anyway... the folks doing it in lower level gears and using mages as tanks in Ice Crown Citadel because they don't have one of their crunchy meat walls tonight. He's talking about the guilds who have built a player base of the people who don't just understand class and specialization and have a cookie cutter build... they're the folks who find exceptions to the cookie cutter builds and do it for themselves against the odds. They find other ways to take that boss down and when they tell guys like greendragoon and bigtimmyp1040ez about it they get eye rolls and called out in /trade for being stupid.

Or... and I only say this because my shorts are still all wadded up and I'm still steamed around my edges... they tell you that you can't do For the Alliance without 2 full raid groups of 40 people and then cry when only one raid group gets the achievement for downing the leaders of the city. HELLO STUPID... it's designed for one group... whichever raid hits it first gets the credit... if you needed moar peeps you sucked to start out with! I do still have a plan here and if I could find one of those strong awesome guilds on the server where I'm currently playing... well... yeah. I like the guild I'm in... and we're not really a raiding guild of any sort.

Raid leading is not for the faint of heart or burned out player. Guild leading is a challenging job and requires a lot of attention to every little detail and anyone who says differently is stOOpid, and not in the short bus special way. The few players who play the game to win it know this and do it so well that it looks easy. I'm glad someone outside the game "gets" that.

I just wish I could apply for a job with this guy!

Hey... smart, capable and knowledgeable gamer chic here... looking for work and boy can I knock your socks off!

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