28 August 2012


corbin... you SO have to roll a pandaren...

see... umm... not only are they awesome and all that... HE'z gots yer moves, man... OMG...

screw sniffin' butts like a dog

check out his "rude" gesture!!!!

and his laugh.

The more I see and hear of them, though... I have to admit. I think Monkibizniz will be a N'Elf girl and I think that Pandalaria may become Pandalars. Or something cleverer when I can see what names are still available to him. The boy pandas are just... badass.

besides, when they growl they MEAN it... and that's always nice in a guy who shoots things from a distance and sends his pets in to deal with the messy stuff. piss him off enough to make him growl and he SHOULD mean it. 


peace and just a taste of why I think that Corbin should roll a panda.

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