25 July 2012

fricka fracka frizzle...

anyway... been playing a NEW game. :)

new to me, mind you... not new to the world at large.

Torchlight is TONS of fun. Less customizable than even Diablo and still SO much better. Jeeze, Blizz... seems maybe you're the only ones who figure we can just take whatever you give us no matter how well it functions.

Seriously, I'm being negative and I don't really mean to be. Torchlight manages to take the piss out of WoW and a number of other game designers by being simple, cute and really actually challenging. You wont meet your new honey here... you wont meet ANYONE here... and again, I think that's the allure. It particularly kicks the pants off WoW right now.

Just look how PRETTY it is in a very Disney meets Diablo sort of way. LOL

 Bob and Jack Level 3
 Fishin' up foods for Jack so he can change form and abilities.
Bob and Jack Level 10

Torchlight can be purchased at Steam (they WERE having a big summer sale that included getting this game for less than $4.00 btw... and it's complete.)

The gameplay is VERY much like Diablo III, so much in fact that the similarities are spooky. I meant what I said... this is sorta Disney meets Diablo and wins.

(WARNING: very unstable fluctuations about to happen.)

On another note, I'm psycho depressed at the moment... like on a scale of 1-10 something like 100. Yeah. For lots of reasons. The most important one is that WoW:MoP went on sale today (Official Launch is Alex's 22nd birthday this year) and I wont be able to buy it or reserve it until I have a job.

I'd list the reasons for the depression here and how they weirdly parallel the not having a job thing... but... yeah, kinda figured you could maybe put the picture together for yourself on that front. Peeved.

mostly I can only journal my current depression at the moment anyway so... back to games.

Rift is on hold until... yeppers... I has a job.

Skyrim is borqued until I has a job AND can manage to help with bills and still put away enough money to take care of the 1,001 things I need to do and am not doing AND also afford a gaming computer. Recent expansions and changes have now made my Mac obsolete and, if you don't own a Mac let me tell you now that they do NOT appreciate you tampering with them... in fact, they do not appreciate it so much that they make it nigh on impossible to do and anything you do to change the hardware will 100% nullify your warranty and any repairs you might be able to have them do. Too bad... they're sexy and I have a feeling that this machine will become a retired word processor when I have the money. I'm tired of having to bend over to have what I prefer. I'll take what treats me respectfully even if it's not quite as sexy or cool... honestly.

WoW will actually close at midnight 9/27 if I don't have a job... so I might stop playing in celebration of Alex's birthday anyway. LOL

I'm not that down... just... omg. I guess it really is time just to pick it up and pack it in and stop procrastinating. I'm about to have nothing with which to have fun screwing off. I'm down to 3 games and two of them enrage me just about every time I log on. I can tell I'm depressed because being told off for posting my recount when I was really excited about doing so well and NOT badmouthing anyone else made me log out and I really don't want to go back. I'm just tired of it. I can't be an underachiever, I can't be an overachiever and nothing else in the middle seems to fit me well.

Peace and if it can't be peaceful then please at least let it be... yeah. I said it.

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