30 July 2012

d&d went space age...

and no, I don't mean the online game.

I mean you can actually let your computer track your abilities and your scores for you. you can even log in online and use a system to track rolls from your friends all over the country in one location so that you can hang out and play "together"... sort of.

I was very pleased that J found pcgen and wanted to share it.

In a nutshell... enter your information and it will fill in a printable character sheet, complete with all of your modifiers and class special abilities by level... it is a very pretty thing.

I am afraid until I find some money that I'm going to be absent more and more. I'm running out of games to play and while D&D is a wonderful distraction it will not ever make me money... well... yeah, it will not be making me an income.

I've cleared all but Julien the Mage (l. 51) from Diablo and am in the process of selling off the last of the gear from the first set of characters I created.

For the record... Holle the Barbarian (l. 31) and Kayne the Monk (l. 32) both completed regular difficulty and had begun Nightmare difficulty before I sent them back into the ether from which they'd come. Buffy the Demon Hunter (l. 52) had completed all but the last fight in Nightmare difficulty and because I couldn't manage to get the gear I needed without spending the majority of the 500,000g I had on gear and gems for just the ONE character and didn't want to spend 9 levels farming lower level content in the hope of getting an upgrade I went ahead and unmade her.

I've held on to Julien as a sentimental act of optimism and frivolity... he was first and if any of my characters ever gets to progress on to Hell it will be him. While Buffy was the favorite, she's also suffered brittle bone disease from birth and I figured it was in my best interest if she went back to meet her maker until he can correctly prepare her for a life in a world where literally EVERYTHING is out to get her.

When the folks at Blizzard figure it all out I'll be here waiting.

Torchlight is addictively fun and I'm actually avoiding it right now because I must have a job. I may be sweeping halls or asking if people want fries with that soon. ANYTHING so that I have at least SOME money. J is awesome and omg... I was horrible to Alex for being a drain on my finances. How about the fact that since J paid to bring me here I've been out of work? Yeah... no one stays patient and supportive of a gamer geek's habits forever.


MoP is out... the electronic version is only $60.00 for the really pretty one.

I have exactly enough money in my bank account to buy it and 6 more months of game time.

And I'm so OUT of love with WoW right now that I feel like no matter how much I suffer with wanting the best of the best, I'd better hold on to my money until buying WoW can be the frivolous act it should be for someone who may become a casual player forever after.

Blizzard's got some things to fix. And rumor has it that Activision is trying to offload them. LMAO... good luck, folks. You let your business practices taint the reputation enough that no one wants that hugely profitable money maker to hang like an albatross around their necks! LOL

peace and if not peaceful then try for productive. I haven't managed either today. *hugs*


  1. Thanks for reminding me about PC Gen, it's been a while since I played with it :)