16 July 2012

crazy so-called life...


gaming is so much fun sometimes and other times it just feels like work

obligations to uphold... expectations to meet and exceed

halfway through my re-allignment with Rift. it's a summer holiday and I'm enjoying rediscovering the world and checking out the new rules and new methods.

tried out Skyrim... sadly, honey is gonna have to help me figure out what we did to break it all to heck. I might have to uninstall and completely reinstall it. That only sucks because then I really am starting over. It's kinda cool because then I get the challenge of remaking Ioan and Jules and remembering what I may have forgotten. I have pictures of broken Hjerim etc... its not like it didn't happen. :)

As it is right now I've got no control over left hand right hand weapon and spell assignment and characters are starting quests and stopping in the middle and then restarting. VERY disturbing. lmao

Shadows are occasional grid clashes where the whole screen is covered in diagonal diamond shaped grids of confusion and coming through doors and fast travel involves blurred images for a few seconds before they straighten out. I also had to lose the add on (perhaps the problem is that it's not entirely deleted?) that gave me the ability to see lighted fires and lighted lines etc... I wish I had a PC to play on sometimes. I really do. Retire the Mac to writing and making things pretty and leave the hard work to a newer gaming machine.

It's all so distracting and irritating that I'm choosing instead to irritate myself with Blizzard products instead.

WoW is still boring as crap to me. it's all the same old same old waiting for something new and different in a ghost town of people all cramming in achievements and complaining that WoW is dead and blaming Diablo and other games. LMAO. You can definitely tell who has been around for this phenomena and who has not. :)  if it weren't for people I love and miss that play the game I wouldn't go in at all.

I haven't gotten my pants out of a bunch yet over the Diablo III fiasco, I think. Every time I run into something in WoW that isn't working properly I'm so angry at Blizzard that I have to count backwards from 10 and remind myself that this is how Blizzard always does things and that if I want to play it I have to pay the price in patience and low level constant irritation. Really. It's like that weird buzzing noise in the room when you try to sleep... or the little kid who asks why 10,000 times a day just to be a pain and repeats questions to prove it.

Add to that the fact that Activision is so good at what they do on a global scale (buy it, sack it, make it world popular and then make customer service your most talked about and bullshit product offering) that they've even managed to make Guitar Hero a navigational nightmare of different rules and specifications depending on which game you're playing and I'm really... well... if I weren't already a WoW junkie and hadn't fallen madly in love with Diablo III then I'd permanently ban them in my home. I mean it. As a company anything that Activision touches seems to become just slightly less about the game than it is about them making money and they don't even try to pretty it up. I'm all for consumerism. Just deliver the product you promised and support it like you give a crap that I'm going to keep spending my money with you.

Rock band this weekend. I should be practicing and... well... I'm not. As much as I'm loving it I'm also aware of my own personal issues getting in the way of ever getting very good at it. :) It's a fun passtime.

I need a real job. I'm going to keep looking and searching and somewhere I will find a job that pays me tons of money to do not much at all. If not then I'll find a job that wants me to do what I love doing and I can do it for hours on end and get tons of money and never mind the work involved.

And until then? Diablo III is broken and I want it fixed. I have no faith or expectation that it ever will be. WoW is a pain in the ass that I will continue to tolerate because I do like the world and a select few folks in it. Rift is f'ing awesome and I wish more people played it. I have to gear before I can even do the newest area, how cool is THAT? Skyrim is broken and is already top on my list for honey to help me fix... before the new expansion is available.

money money money... wish I had it.

started a new book, btw... and am tweaking the other one that's almost done. I can start submission on the one that has been 11 years in the making soon, I think. the other is brand new and almost done.

for those of you on the list I'll post the newest revision of Walking on the Sun in order etc... Destin isn't going up until I cement the story line (hey, I started it a week ago and it's already done to the same place as Walking on the Sun. That's how lovely adult fantasy fiction is compared to reality fiction. LOL) and it will appear also.

if you're not already on the green blog then email me and I'll add you.


peace and if not peaceful then at least fun and challenging to juggle in a life of really doing not much of anything quantifiable. WOOT

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