05 June 2012

so... ummm... yeah... and about that?

interesting. on the US side we degraded from I'm an idiot to Blizz are idiots and there were only a few useful things said to my post holding Activision as Blizzard accountable to hands-off treatment of a parasite... generally accusing them of being more like Trill and happy for the symbiotic relationship. on the UK side the sense was that there's just nothing that can be done either way and so we're stuck with them and at least Blizzard is gonna try to make money off the AH instead of charging a monthly fee...

and I had tons of poster guilt because I do KNOW that Blizzard isn't working WITH the gold sellers. honestly, they've proven over time that if they could they'd have ALL the money and I'm sure someone somewhere is galled and irked over the fact that gold sellers world wide are getting a piece of his action.


Buffy has a new pair of friends. They are USELESS if you need self protection or serious damage by your side... and traveling with honey in the guise of his wizard (second picture in the blue circle cause I had her targeted) means I didn't need more damage, trust me. LOL we both needed more ARMOR and that's ok, mostly large amounts of stuff dies, sometimes a little breathlessly close for comfort, and it still all mostly dies fast and hard all around us.

And that's where my pair of beauties (maybe frick and frack? brick and brack? not sure yet... need a pair of names that AREN'T kodo and podo... being as they are ferrets) come in handy. All through the fight they're gnawing on the enemies arterial lines in legs or backs of knees doing a little bit of damage... and they're looting ALL my gold for me. I have to still run around and grab the non-shiney items like gear and potions and gems... but these babies can take care of the gold for me and while they're at it do a little bit of damage to boot. VERY handy little companions.

"Go for the eyes, Boo!"

I've gotta let Lexi know about these guys... she'll LOVE only having to run around grabbing the big stuff. I know I do.

Peace and I wish Activision/Blizzard would get their heads out with the whole gold seller thing. I have reported no fewer than 10 a day and still do every morning because my habit is log in, check auctions and then come into the game... giving the 1-10 folks spamming general long enough to keep my window scrolling like a WoW /Trade after a patch. I report them all for "spamming" and have to wonder... Blizzard... if I can tell you they were doing the BAD thing in WoW why the hell can't you include the same functionality in ANOTHER OF YOUR GAMES? *sigh*

I'm telling you. it's a conspiracy I'm just not smart enough to prove it past all the thousands of gamers who think they're smarter than me.

also, I now stand corrected. the article that Alex and I found a couple years ago where Blizzard explained that ridding the game of gold sellers would not actually rid the game of account hackers because so very much more of the gold was being legally farmed, albeit on professional and not personal accounts and by multitudes of folks on that account not just one individual and was NOT actually being done by folks who had stolen accounts has changed as of last year... when being railed for making some of the new pets sellable on the auction house blizz had this to say.


peace... I'mma have to go play WoW soon... I know this.

I just don't wanna.

kill 'em all and let their gods sort them out... this isn't Glee!

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