06 June 2012

and whom do we believe NOW?

some interesting new directions for Diablo III...

and some clarity on first, who is their target audience... what is it that they want to provide to the players and finally... what the players are interpreting from the post.

I don't know what I think yet except that the character I love the most is the hardest to play already and it looks to me like Blizzard just garaged her for me. If I lose even .2 of a second on my vault or have to click to target the ghosts and other things that I've previously been able to turn and fire into to kill... well... yeah. call me a fail player and I'll show you how much better I am than 90% of the other folks playing the game and call you a prick. it's all just words anyway... Buffy the Demon Hunter may be no more and I'll suddenly have SO much time on my hands.

yay me.

more time in WoW? likely more time in Skyrim, provided I can ever relearn how to use the damned controls. OMG


Skyrim control commands... for posterity so that the next time I go away I can remember them. navigation is so important and so different.

WoW control commands... again, for posterity. just in case. every /... you can think of! and more.

while we're at it... Diablo III control commands. (remember mouse clicks or holding the mouse will get you there... no wasd here)

how to play Rift... commands and information.

we'll see... I haven't been very loving towards the game in awhile... it's no shocker that it's not very loving back. LOL

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