06 May 2012

WoW Games!

a long time ago on a realm far far away there was a guild full of friends who had fun doing ridiculous things inside of a game by making up new games to play with their own rules...

much fun was had and more importantly, the friendships fostered by the togetherness of being silly as a group have survived even guild wars and breakups along the way. Each of the goofy activities also had unexpected results and managed to give awareness that led to being better at other activities in WoW.

For instance... Naked World Arena actually gave class/spec/race awareness to players that had previously been entirely overwhelmed by PvP in any form. Death Race and Last Man Standing seemed to encourage raid awareness and class knowledge that we hadn't seen coming.

a little back story to some of them... hide and seek was a time waster because so many of our friends had explored so many sexy places in the game and we wanted them to share them with us and so Alex (Belegorad - a paladin, see...) or Julienne would hide somewhere in the world and guildies would come find us. Bele had many more creative places to hide and was better at giving clues so it became Spot the Pally.

Spot the Pally (Hide and Seek)
Clues are given every few minutes to the folks who are playing the game. 
Seekers can use ANY ability naturally provided in the game by foods, spells, racial or class abilities. They can use the guild or friend information tab for a basic location clue. No one may party the guildie who is hiding or use any addons that would help them cheat.
The winner is the first competitor to successfully "emote" on the Hider proving they are in range. This can be any emote, please remember some appropriateness as we're not the only folks in the game or in an area at any given time and this is a game that children play.

Naked World Arena
Just like it sounds. LOL
Strip your armor off, strip your buffs off and if weapons are required for what you do buy white letter or find gray letter items to equip. No enchants are allowed. No buff foods. Turn your pet abilities off.
Travel safely or Have Group Will Travel summon into the World Arena location (we found the one at Feralas was frankly safer than the one in Stranglethorn or Nagrand as they're still used more often) of your choice and compete until only one remains.
Gold and or prizes and much bragging rights are your reward.
Warning, naked priests pwn faces and hunters are STILL overpowered, even with no gear on.

Death Race
Ever wondered just how uber leet you really are and wanted the perfect way to prove it to everyone?
Try taking a level 20 character to get flight points in Ice Crown, Borean Tundra, Grizzly Hills, Crystalsong and Howling Fijord with only the help of 3 other level 85's. How about a level 30 into Uldum, Hyjal, Twilight Highlands and Vashj'ir?
Boats and trains and multi-person mounts are accepted. Have Group Will Travel, Warlock Summons and Gathering Stone Summons are not allowed. Death Running (traveling with your lower level charge in ghost form) is not allowed.
Everyone pays 250g entry fee to join and the whole pot goes to the winning team of 5 - 1 lower level toon and the 4 max level toons.
There is no second place... only one team can win each week. Do YOU have what it takes? lol

Last Man Standing and I Dare Ya...
What do our adventurers do for relaxation and fun? Alex and some of his friends gave this some thought and decided that THEIR adventurers get drunk and come up with outrageous challenges for each other... or tell stories until one of them dares another to do something insanely dangerous.
Isn't that what all heroes do? Agree on the wager first and everyone pays the Game Master their part of the wager. Usually this is 25-100g each.
Last Man Standing and I Dare Ya both came from this idea and are evolutions of the same game.
Last Man Standing requires your character to be drunk, have a flying mount and bag space for your armor as well as enough gold to pay the wager or entry fee.
Get your character blind drunk (this means you have the debuff from puking so your party members can see it,) un-equip your armor to your bags and keep only your weapons on, mount a flying mount and fly up until you're all facing the same way at the same height and turn on auto-run until the game master calls stop. No steering or guiding. When the game master calls stop you land if you're not already on the ground and you walk back to the starting point. The last person left alive or first person back to the Inn wins the pot.
If you hit the ground or water you're gonna have to swim for it or run the rest of the way until you're told to stop. Enemy territory and you're already dead? Sorry folks... sometimes drunken adventures end this way. Res and head back to the Inn, you're not the last man standing.
For I Dare Ya the same basic rules apply with variations. These are usually smaller groups and the wagers are between the participants. For instance... I dare you to go over that hill and take that Horde village in your Holy set. I bet you can't do Utgarde Pinnacle in the summer event clothes. 
The pots are usually smaller and the bragging rights are usually greater in these related games.

The most impressive part of the games, to me, was that so many people started making up their OWN games or variations of them and wanted to participate not just in the playing but in the supervising and creation of them.

I miss Decadence, Inc.

I miss making up our own games in WoW to layer and play into all of the other games that were created for us by Blizzard.

Folks on Uldaman are still in the /spotthepally and /decadencegames chat channels and every once in awhile someone asked a question or used them so I remembered they were there. I've since deleted all the toons who used those channels or moved them from the server so I no longer have them to ping and remind me of the past.

I wonder... could /renaissancegames get big enough that we could give away a 5,000g pot to a Death Race team on Baelgun?


  1. I don't see how the Hunter was overpowered. Herrim regularly got his fanny kicked by everybody in the Naked World Arena... I'm just saying. ;)

    Now last man standing I always thought was just epic fun! Although at times I found myself landed in the middle of a bad (really, real, for reals) area, and I would just get pummled, before I ever got a chance to escape. But then again, it was the chaotic nature of the game that I found the most fun... :)

  2. I've been trying NOT to respond to my own posts and yet... here i am. LOL

    You're absolutely right, S and S... it was the chaotic nature of the game that made it the most fun to let the WoW randomizer for drunkenness and the flight speed of your mount and even camera angles determine how hard it would be to work your way back to the Inn... I loved the ones in Outlands the most, I think... remember when the mages and priest somehow ended up all the way over on the other side of the map and you and Bele had to go on a rescue mission?

    I also recall you ended up in Zangarmarsh once... might have been the same one. LOL

    good stuff. good times. next post is about something you'll also really like. I think.

  3. crap... twice on ONE post... lmao...

    on hunters being OP... remember Lexi brought her hunter in and cleaned up because as beast mastery she got to keep her pet? lmao

    two words

    owie... mommy...

  4. Oh, what's wrong with replying on your posts? I don't mind it. Besides, most of the time when I say something here, I'm pretty much talking to you, not just saying stuff to hear myself type. ;)

    Ok, and yes, the Beast Mastery would be where I would concur about Hunters being OP... Leave it to the one spec I never ran. Hahahaha! :P

    And yes, I do remember being on that rescue mission... Ah, good times. Hehehe! ;)