02 May 2012

what a long strange trip indeed

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been!
Achievement by Allumette, Renaissance - Baelgun, US
7:22 a.m., Wednesday 5/2/12

Some quick details... 

Three years ago I started completing all of the World Events for the Meta.

Blizzard, you are a bunch of dumb assholes. I mean it.

You put a PvP achievement in the middle of an almost entirely PvE Meta KNOWING that PvPheads have absolutely no patience or consideration to anything that is NOT PvP and knowing that they are not only disdainful but outright hostile towards anything that does not immediately gratify their personal obsession. "You have to work together to PvP" is a lie. The concept that you might have believed it would create an ethic of working together is biased by your own assumption that we should all experience every aspect of the game.

So, rant aside... three years ago I worked and worked and worked and absolutely could NOT get this done alone. I begged, I cajoled... I looked in /Trade for help. I just couldn't get it done and I did so much PvP that I earned enough honor to buy 2 of the PvP mounts.

Two years ago I got obsessed on it and worked and worked and could not achieve it. I had an experience in Eye of the Storm that cemented my belief that I would never ever have this Meta, even though I had everything except Brewmaster towards the achievement. On the last day possible to get it I finally got the flag AND heals AND support to run the flag to capture it on one of our bases... and then suddenly they were ALL gone and in chat I see "When she dies, Amber, pick it up and put it on the base."

My own side sabotaged me.

I didn't go back or even try again. I was so angry I rage quit the battleground and didn't look back. Everyone told me to turn them in and file complaints and and and... honestly, I like being an optimist and the people around me are so baffled by it that they don't "get" my immediate rejection of moments that hurt and frustrate me so much. 

I mean, really... who wants to have to accept that the world is full of so many assholes and 
worthless wastes of time and space that the likelihood we'll make it another 20 years is really slim?
 I would rather be Nero and fiddle while you all burn. 

Last year I didn't even try. I had everything and was so hateful of everyone and everything concerning PvP that my NEW characters never even went into a battleground.

This year I decided I'd had enough. I want this mount. I love this mount. I will have this mount. 

I farmed the mats and had the starter PvP gear made... I researched and found a good PvP build and sacrificed a Prot spec that Allumette will never use anyway and I started researching the achieves and how the battlegrounds worked to be sure that I went about it in the most logical, workable and un-offensive way I could for the other players who would be less than happy about my hanging out in their playground for something they didn't want me to be doing in the first place.

And for three days I've been grinding until my body hurts from the stress of ALMOST having it... one achievement per day I've been dinging...

First I go into Alterac Valley and get lucky, some "nice" Horde are trading the achieve back and forth so we can capture the flag in a tower. WOOT! Ding!

And I'm grinding all three battlegrounds I have left one at a time and manage to pick up the flag not once or twice but FIVE times in Eye of the Storm only to discover that the three healers (THREE? OMG NEVER SEEN SO MANY IN A BATTLEGROUND BEFORE) can ignore me and keep yelling at me to quit being selfish and leave the flag and my f'ing achievement and get to the towers.

umm... I might be confused... controlling a tower gives points over the time that it is held... and capping a flag there rewards a chunk of points all at once... so how exactly does it HURT you to let me cap the flag and then help hold the tower? Just a question for the black and white folks so linear in their thinking that anything off the line exists only to threaten their lives. I just couldn't get it done even though I was finally putting my hands ON the flag without constant blast back, being blown off the hill and otherwise full-scale ganking of the night before.

So I go into Warsong Gulch alone and I kill not one but TWO Hordies carrying the Alliance flag in the midground only to have some cat on my own side un-stealth and click the flag before me when it's dropped (this is the achievement, btw) and post to the battleground chat, "There will be no orphan achievements in my bg. Go home." 

really? you nasty little fruit loop snorting ganker... come into my raid and I'll squish you like a f'ing bug! I believe I was doing the job I'm supposed to do and doing it in PvP gear... how am I hurting your little battleground with my obscenely offensive self by killing two flag carriers while you lurk like a disease in a bush waiting to wreck me just to prove you can? I'd like to see you face off against something that ignores your hopping around like a rabid monkey on PCP and one-shots you in boredom before turning its attention back on the rest of the raid.

so I cried and raged and was really really pissed off. and I almost quit again because, really... Nero, guys... he was perhaps less stupid or insane than you have been taught to think... really.

and I asked Renaissance for help and they arrived with colors blazing and hearts raging... and in Eye of the Storm we did what was done to me, only I PICKED UP THE F'ING FLAG, Amber, wherever you are... AND I CAPPED IT WITHOUT SETTING UP A MEMBER OF MY OWN FACTION TO GET GANKED SO I COULD GET IT! We PWNED that battleground. Three folks got the achievement in there... Katsdruid blasted some lone Warlock off into the abyss where she stood by the flag and Okeret seemed unstoppable with Pheend healing him. It was a good night. Much death was had by many who were not us.

Then we were seriously shown the error of our cocky ways over and over in Warsong Gulch for 2 days. DK's and Huntard teams abounded and holy crap they love them some boom-butt... often Kat can't get 10 feet into the mid without a dozen or more types of attacks on him. Okeret manages to keep himself alive and we even talked poor Snoosnoos and Dudeitsme into helping and she doesn't LIKE PvP! All to no avail, even when the carrier goes down on our watch it just seemed like I was already dead or someone else had a few seconds faster connection and I missed the split-second opportunity.

And this morning I log in and I decide it's got to happen. 

And it does. And not just for me. Three of us ding'd the achievement... AND the Alliance won the battleground by capping their flags. AND I let a Horde player ding the achieve on their side by killing me when I picked up the flag. 

Yeah, Blizz... you set us up and eventually we'll all cheat to win.  The few who got it fair and square are outnumbered by the masses of us who will find a way through any hardship to have it at a serious deficit to our liking of you, your game and half of the players you're going to push us to get along with.

Move the fucking Meta... tie it to something else. Stop putting same faction players against each other. You know from all your own studies that the PvPheads HATE the Raiders and we're not terribly gracious right back at them 'cause they're all just a bunch of gankers and haters who deserve to be put out of our misery.

oh well... lol. in the end I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT and not another of my characters will ever try for it again... amen.

I'm reminded of a song... LOL I know, heh... but this one is good and even if the "leaders" are a little damned showy... it says what it has to, Blizz... if you're listening. We are.
Thank you Sharm and friends! Yes, we're still subscribed! A riff on Still Alive: Portal.
(if you go in about 56 seconds you can miss the self promotion of the video header)

Ask yourself, though... for how long when your most loyal fans have things like this to say about you and spread the word to folks who maybe don't think about what they hear and just choose to believe it? How soon until they all decide that Diablo3 with it's real world money auction houses and Tera with all the cute giggly little girls flashing their pretty little panties at the players and Rift with rapidly expanding content and world with far better perks and RP and raids are just really more to their liking or a few more decide that they'd really just rather say Goodbye Azeroth, I'm Gonna Be a Sith Lord and leave you behind in a world that is strangely pandering to the lowest common denominator and will soon introduce poke-battles to keep those little kids hooked? Here's a review by someone else... looks like PvP and Fluff are the only spots where WoW beats ToR.

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  1. On ToR, I'm on the Black Vulkars server for the Sith side, and The Bastione server for the Republic side... I'm just saying... ;)