08 May 2012

thoughts on killing horde leaders...

and Have Group Will Travel. Until they take it away there are no level 25 guilds, Alliance OR Horde who should not have a Black War Bear and the Glory! achievement for every guild member interested over level 80.

**have group will travel has been removed from the game... this is all historically fun now, not much more**

1. you can actually fly into Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff
2. no one is watching Silvermoon for attack, even if all 40 of you rode up the scar, which is inadvisable
3. with the ability to bring everyone to the exact square on a map where any other player is already standing this achievement can be cake for even disorganized raiders of any age or experience level

I have a plan... which I will outline here. Obviously the order can change... the important thing is that with 10 minutes of planning you can spend an hour and get some awesome rewards for everyone.

Hearth a rogue and someone with master flying in a level 25 guild to the Broken Keel Tavern (speak to Innkeeper Wiley) at Ratchet and another pair of members to Light's Hope Chapel. Pre-hearthing just makes it take less time to travel between points. If you're flying from Stormwind or boating from Booty Bay you can skip Wiley in Ratchet and can fly directly to the North Tower Pass/Zul'Aman and run the rest of the way, depending on your existing flight points.
(the rogue for orgrimmar is actually only important because most FtA raids are disorderly and difficult to get up and moving during preparation and it protects the player sitting in town from detection)
Build the raid group with the following rules:
     no alt swapping or dc'ing while in the raid, you will be removed from raid and replaced
     you will be summoned to each location, hang out here and stay settled
     a readycheck will follow specific instructions and you will be summoned as soon as we're all ready
     mages will summon a stormwind portal as soon as the fight is done for those who cannot hearth
     b'res will be for heals and tanks only - if you die run back or stay dead until we can mass res
Start in Orgrimmar by having the rogue hearth to Ratchet and fly in and vanish on top of one of the canopy's surrounding the city and summon to their location when raid is ready.
Hearth/Port back to Stormwind except party members tied to other locations on purpose.
Have your other Ratchet hearthed member fly to Mulgore and summon the raid to the top of Baine's longhouse when the raid is ready. There's a spot on a rock on the side of Thunderbluff just under Baine's longhouse.
Hearth/Port back to Stormwind except party members tied to other locations on purpose.
Have one of the Light's Hope Chapel hearthed members fly to the sewer entrance/backdoor to Undercity and summon the raid to that location when the raid is ready.
Hearth/Port back to Stormwind except the last party member hearthed to Plaguelands.
One member fly to Z'A from Light's Hope Chapel and run around Silvermoon or up the scar.
Summon the raid to the front doors of Silvermoon when ready.
Hearth/Port back to Stormwind and check your mail.

The two most dangerous cities are Orgrimmar where ALL of the Horde hang out and Undercity which is a sentimental favorite for most of the Horde faction players.


Raid Composition:
     2+ tanks
     8-10 heals - HoTs are your best friend
     28-30 DPS - hunters are not actually as convenient as other ranged for these fights

WHO:            Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

WHERE:       Undercity by the Apothacarium; Under the Ruins of Lordaeron, Tirisfal Glades
WHAT:         Hunter, Banshee and Queen of the Undead (Fade, Multishot, Summon Skeleton)
                      disengage + invisibility = faery fire ALL the time
                      /tar Lady macro so she's not easily lost in the crowd of courtesans and summoned undead
                      2 tanks, one for Sylvanas and one for the battlemasters and bat
                      (there is no longer a "best" place to tank Sylvanas - pull her where she already is)
                      This is the second most popular capital city in the Horde - PvP is likely
WHEN:         never first (as a favorite city you will alert the whole Horde faction to Orgrimmar)

 WHO:           Baine Bloodhoof

WHERE:      Main Rise; Thunder Bluff, Mulgore
WHAT:        Chieftan, poss Warrior/Shaman (Cleave, Mortal Strike, War Stomp, Uppercut)
                      attack inside the tent because his knockback is pretty extreme
                      knockback has no diminishing returns and is used by all tauren protectors-be ready
WHEN:        any order (the Horde are much less protective of Baine than they were of Cairne)

 WHO:          Warchief Garrosh Hellscream

WHERE:     Valley of Strength, Grommash Hold; Orgrimmar, Durotar
WHAT:       Warrior  (Berserker Charge, Whirlwind, Demoralizing Shout, Shockwave and Cleave)
                    delegates from all of the horde nations are in the room with him so 2+ tanks required
                    This is the Horde capital and home to most hearthstones in that faction
                    PvP is a reality with this boss.
                    also: Gamon can be kited by Horde from the Inn to join in the fight and will buff Garrosh
                    KILL GAMON AS SOON AS HE APPEARS
WHEN:       first

 WHO:         Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron

WHERE:    Sunfury Spire; Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods
WHAT:      Ranger/Paladin (Cleave, Arcane Shock, Mana Burn, Mass Charm)
                   caster and ranger will engage (Multishot, Flame Strike, Molten Armor) - heavy heals
                   2 tanks, 1 for Lor'themar and 1 for Rommath and Halduron)
WHEN:      any order (sadly, this is a ghost town and enjoys low priority in the Horde faction)

WoWPedia says this.

Is Renaissance ready to be known as the guild who pwned this so often they got bored with it?

I'm not sure. I guess there's only one way to find out... and I have only murder in mind.


** For those of you concerned that we could have gone to Shat and dropped down in the Isle of Q'D... sadly, there's now invisi-wall technology blocking the way through and I'm not willing to spend the time and money in repairs and death-running to find the one "hole" in order to utilize this route.

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