08 May 2012

pileup in the dwarven quarter...

and many more to come... methinks.

yesterday while headed out to find something to do I discovered three things.

(it's hard enough to see in this format, if you grow it you lose all detail, sorry folks)

First is that the video above, a first attempt at using my nonexistent editing skills and as rough and raw as it may be is also the only evidence I have remaining of an area that used to be reachable in WoW and is now swallowed by the Cataclysm. There will be many more cool places, one I'm using as a hiding place in an upcoming hide and seek. (Artimes showed it to me after I've run over the top of it so many times and wondered what might be down inside it... WOOT for sexy folks who don't wonder and just go find out! Without them there would be no Spot the Pally or Belegorad's Travels!)

Another is that there are people who have fun and people who are fun and they're not always the same people. Katsdruid and myself experienced a second of "am I lagging...? wtf?" outside of the Dwarven Quarter bank yesterday and upon inspection found that we were not lagging out and the other player frozen mid-flight was also not lagging... he was just feeling a little stiff. (Effects of Deepstone Oil: May leave you a bit stiff. Buff: You find you are unable to move except to blink.)

Finally, Renaissance is the coolest group of "Sure... lets see what we can do" folks I've known in years! A few of us who happened to be in Stormwind made these experimental first tries.

SO much fun. OMG... nothing in game was really gained. Unless you count laughter and creativity and spending time together.

Herrim, Sweetassyn will mail you some Deepstone Oil when the realms come back up... you have 29 days to find it and put it to good use. First Kabechet has to go farming for more fishes. Deepstone Oil is made from Albino Cavefish. One fish = 1-2 oils. Syn seems to get a really awesome droprate of it.

Then I say that Stormwind, Uldaman needs a practical joke over the island to other places up by the keep... what says you?

Charlie wanted to do words in the sky over town... Kat wants to build a mile-high tower of drakes... we have many many suggestions.

BTW... in case you think I haven't thought of anything... MY thought is that most people finding something unusual first back away and then have to try to understand it by exploring it... and I have the ability to make movies and a blog needing some new "themes" since losing Belegorad's Travels (who am I kidding? he did exactly one post in that heading)... Candid Camera a la WoW? Oh yeah. LOL

Oh... and for Herim... Magria. She'll kill you dead if you armor up before hand. She's just beautiful that way. Trust and faith and a ton of bandages for afterwards. That's what you'll need.

And a new link below and some help for Magria and other spirit beast tamers here from the Huntsman's  Lodge.

Peace... and if not peaceful then find some folks to get a little stiff with and see what fun ensues. LOL

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