22 May 2012

Julien is born...

also a Jules, really...

Wizard... a dark new world of strange adventures each faced with a cocky self-assuredness born from doing what no one believes is possible anyway... calling himself Wizard when this is akin to calling himself a freak... preferring the negative title to the prettier terms like Sorcerer or Mage.

teaching his artisans the recipes they need for crafting him (and all of my other characters) armor and gear including the smith and a jewelcrafter. NOT a cheap endeavor and still well worth it.

gathering friends and allies for the hard road ahead slaying the demons of hell that threaten the very future of the planet.

A Scoundrel, an archer who is a capable thief and womanizer. The Enchantress, a capable sorceress and gentle lady with more questions than answers. The Templar, a man purified of his sins by torture and led into a life of service to the gods and to his order... a warrior questioning his calling.

Leah, a girl with a special ability she doesn't understand and her uncle, a horadric master and world explorer and information gatherer. Adria, the mother Leah thought lost to her and then finds... the witch with more secrets than stories and more excuses than productivity.

steady nerves and a dedication to getting the job done... in colorful desert attire died spring green... because in the desert color is wealth and power and what Wizzard does not embody these traits always?

Choosing the best companion for the fight because this is the only way to succeed against the demon called Belial.

yeah... well... Julien's dedication and my ability are... strangely not aligned.

Diablo III is amazing. Fun and deliciously different from anything else I've ever done. J bought me the game and I've been totally spun since.

I knew I would be.

This new Jules is, sadly, not my favorite. He is close, though.

Who'da thunkit?

A Jules who is a mage. And well beloved.

And now... Belial. OMG... 15 wipes and STILL not successful. He takes the all time spot for hated bosses... for sure.

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