22 May 2012



wow x 1000

 Now level 25
defeater of many mangey bosses and much undead

 Now level 16 and waiting for Anubis, Corbin's Wizzard
badass in heels and a cape... sexy and dangerous and a lot snarky
definitely a favorite for a really long time. dual wielding hand crossbows like guns does that to me!

Now level 3 and waiting for leveling
she's a nice gal... all potential and without subtlety or subterfuge... a brute with massive attacks

Diablo III plays like an MMO and is an action RPG instead... less overall control over your stats than a true RPG, like Skyrim, and still MUCH more control than in WoW where everything is a best in slot race to the finish line. Loots are random and often useless except for money or crafting materials... monsters are vicious and repeatable. Dungeons and areas respawn differently every time you go into them. THIS is gaming, folks. Turned up a notch or ten.

Dark and twisted with sexy boss fights and sexier character interactions... I'm hooked.

I can be a mage MY way, with dozens of different combinations of abilities and spells that I can choose I've already formed a favorite selection and use them well... perhaps not well enough against some bosses and I'll still figure it out... and the best thing? MINE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM MY BOYFRIEND'S AND HIS ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM KAT'S and... yeah... there's no cookie cutter bullshit here. I can do what I want... again, like Skyrim. Sure... suggest away. Maybe I will and just maybe I will say, "Oh, thanks... I hadn't thought of that," and continue my way. 

Skyrim again later and forever... Diablo with friends in realID and parties and excitement of group gaming along with the independence of single player as a main mode of play. I have a feeling I now know the 2 games that replace WoW when I cannot stand the interactions anymore.

Wait... that sounds like I'm not sure. I am very sure I have found AT LEAST TWO of the games that now replace WoW in my heart. I guess it's just lucky for Blizzard they wrote one of them, huh?

So much lore... so many stories... so much backstory to write... so much fan fic and self imposed RP to develop. Oh yeah. LOL

Thank you, J for buying me the game.


peace and if not peaceful then let their Gods sort them out... Tyreal and myself have demons to slay and a world to set right, so I'll catch you on the flip side.

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