18 April 2012

some days are just like this...

we create a guild event today for a run today... risky bizniz, really...

then I'm told I need to lead it... also risky bizniz, all things in my temperment considered...

then I'm told we're holding spots for people who "may have to be a little late and stuff..."

so then we're not starting at 630 we're starting at 700

only not really, because one is at the store and the other wants to help someone else for a bit and can't be invited until we're actually ready

are you fucking kidding me?

I get to sit around with my thumb up my ass and wait around for them?


this is not even social or casual guild eventing... not really... it's too fucking rude and inconsiderate to be part of any social or casual guild I've ever been in...

so here we sit with 5/10 trying everything we can to make it work

and ultimately we're done for before we start

because I'm fucking finished with this shit... this is 8? 9? raids like this? Underground Connection doesn't understand and I'd rather be a pug than form and lead a group of them... honestly. omg

on a nicer note...

guess what I won?

finally!!!! only a couple years of compulsive eating. poor Al's butt was getting big! oh wait... human girls have big butts... :)

so yeah...
Ruth's Raid Rulez:
1. be prepared
2. be early
3. be prepared to fill a spot at any time
4. start building it early and if peeps are late or unsure fill their fucking spot
5. don't hold a place, even for a guildie or a friend, after start time
6. drop kick asshats and idiots
7. refer to Ruth's Class/Role Rulez for the rest

I'm just so tired of this weird thing... rock stars aren't rock stars without fans, and of this shit I am very definitely NOT a fan. I'd rather pug it or sit it out and wait until I have money to leave the server... omg... no, I wont leave... I'm just SO fucking tired. So frustrated. This isn't team work, there's no team. It's not social because you'd kick someone in the nuts for doing this to you in real life. It's not casual it's just fucking lazy and entitled.

peace... I'mma take a day off WoW I think... or go horde.

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  1. Just start up your SWTOR account and you and I can go whooping butt, A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away... :) Oh, PS... Guess who's back on the Corbin Radar? "Beth" (believe it or not, it's a good thing, although potentially trepidatious), and not only that, but she's moved back to the States as of... Today. :)