17 April 2012

now she's gone and done it...

I have a certain affection for Ember Isolte and her Ninja Raider friends... mostly 'cause she's a geek gamer girl and also because she does have some serious talent. :)

Ninja Raiders - 'cause everything is a hunter weapon. yes I saw there's plus heals on it. QQQQ

 riff on Adele... sexy.
Popped my cooldowns, focused on the boss... stopping this cast would be a huge DPS loss... This AOE spell should be LoS'd but I was still casting and you probably could have guessed... there's a fire burning on the floor stacking a DoT on me that I chose to ignore. My friends around me are counting on me to still be standing... we could have had it all... instead I'm lying here after dying...
raid leader's crying... we could have had it all!

 super boom? 
Can't out deeps that boom badoom boom boom badoom BoomKIN.
(Crit chicken for the win!) Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
(Yeah, Boomkin for the win!)
B-b-b-b-b-Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
(Crit chicken for the win!) B- Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
(Yeah, Boomkin for the win!)

Hey Salt, you listening sexy guy? :) 

 purr... not evil ever... homage to the sexy girls who used to be living and now are forsaken.

 feral druid girl... lol  a love song... of a sort. :) WOOT GEEKY GIRLS!

 you change your class like a druid changes form...  a 'lock then a rogue, a mage then a priest - heh, you used to have one main like the rest of us and then... yeah. (At least all mine wear plate so far, and most of them are warriors... umm... something like unnecessary duplication?)

WoW is what it's all about... 'cause you know I have no life... I'm in Dalaran attention whoring until you love me. nothing better for me to do. gotta gotta watch me. I'm always online. I only log at server reset time. Baby you should friend me, add me so that you can find me... are you on vent? turn my mic on and then all the gamer boys flip finding out I'm a chic... I'll come raid with you 'though
your gear is mostly blue 'cause I've got the time.
(Yeah... you know who you are and we all loathe you. Trust me. You'll /wrists when you realize someday that telling you that you're a waste of space wasn't our way of sideways flirting or telling you how awesome you are.)

This is the 87th kill and it's still a flop... now my inventory's full and I gotta sell... this drop rate is so insanely low. One more bubble to ding so it's shut up and grind! OMG... no shit!

SO there. LOL

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  1. Ok, The Adele song sold me... Now I'm subscribed to her channel on You tube. :P