13 April 2012

Julienne is Tanking...

There's No Place Like Home... There's No Place Like Home
pretty tank girl in mogged gear hearths home to Stormwind for a quick bank run

Mr. Robot has some suggestions... and this gear is so low I might keep upgrading first.

Officially the first Julienne* is now and forever Allumette**, a graduation of a sort to make room for her next incarnation.

Julienne is a level 85 Protection warrior who has a dual spec in Arms that has not been touched or looked at since she was level 69 and the decision was made to stop screwing around and being a chicken and just get to tanking already.

At that time I sold every piece of DPS gear that Julienne had and I commissioned a full set of level 70 tanking gear from a guildmate and have not looked back. I have farmed the mats for and commissioned DPS plate for Purisdreams and have farmed for and commissioned tanking plate for Erijan (formerly known as Holle.) I have farmed and commissioned designer plate for Allumette and Erijan. And I have even farmed and commissioned a full set of PVP starter plate for Allumette who is farming the purple dragon in this year's Children's Week event because for three years that has been all that has stood in her way.

Julienne's first foray into heroic Cata tanking was a cluster.

I was so frustrated that I dropped group and gave up after 5 wipes on the last boss. In that fight the heals managed to get 9,000 points of heals on me... a tank with over 125,000 health. Hornz suggests that this is because the pally wanted to tank the fight and was setting me up. Chaos pointed out that paladins and priests can't remove the curse being put on the party and so he was perhaps giving up and not just being a shit. So, my bad. I should have asked Oopise to remove the curse. I was still peeved and exhausted from constantly fighting the hunter for aggro and felt like I was somehow letting myself and the rest of the group down.

And so this morning Hornz kidnapped Jules and we queued and I picked up DEADMINES omg!

And I died 3 times. Two of them ENTIRELY my own fault and one of them just a really bad set of circumstances where I was stuck between a raging reaper and a wall when he picked me as his favorite new toy. It flowed smoothly and evenly and Julienne now has an achievement that even Allumette never got because some time in the past year some concepts of the fights in that dungeon gelled in my mind and suddenly came to me as inspirational successes as I went through.

I DID kill me 2 times in the gauntlet in the nightmare dream because I misgauged the fire on the forge ramp and totally misjudged the lighting rods in the hall... but... those are PLAYER issues, not tanking issues and next time I know what I'll do instead.

All things considered, the challenge will be holding aggro against the guild when I tell them to have at me.

And still... there's no place like home. :) Level 25 guild in a place where all but the last raid is open to being joined by all of my friends on very many servers... and they're fun awesome peeps.

Julienne is happy here.

So is Allumette.

* Julienne was a lucky break when I chose it years ago.

For those of you who do not know, I had decided I wanted to dual wield weapons and was looking for a girl name that had a dual meaning. I've previously always used action words for my characters in the old fashioned dice sorts of role playing games, and liked the theme if not the overall effect. You can't always be Flee or Dice... you know?

1. it wasn't taken
2. it's a real girl name
3. it is a cooking term meaning to uniformly cut into 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch strips... ie: julienned potatoes are best known as McDonald's french fries.

A perfect fit for a girl who ended up wielding 2 2handed weapons the size of her own body, really... and perfect to let that girl graduate up to allumette and bring up a new girl using 1 weapon and a shield to achieve the same level of success.

** Allumette is literally a graduation of Julienne... not really a girl name, as such... it is still workable in a world with people named for household items and food dishes, so... lol.

To allumette is to uniformly cut into 1/16 inch by 1/16 inch strips... roughly the size of a kitchen matchstick... when done to flat leafy items it's called a chifonade, if you cared to know.

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