24 April 2012

in case anyone else thought I was alone out here...

from the rift forums  (click the link for the article)

Seems clear, concise... precise. 
Also should all be common sense.
Guess what this means?
It's not just my opinion anymore. I'm a good tank. Better than average.
And if you're a dumbass you're gonna die.
peace... blah... you know the rest. for the record, I can't knit anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Is this where my tank orders me into the corner, with the oversized book, to flog myself about the head and shoulders again...? ;)

    It really just goes to show you... I learned DPS so well, while running with you and Bele, that me learning heals or tank, even though it's a totally different game, is REAAAAAAALLY not so easy. Heals has been easier than tanking, but I've struggled largely with both on SWTOR.