24 April 2012

forever and ever... amen

or until next time... lol

Ruth's Official Rolez in Raidz
with help from Mazikeen and friends

and some funnies just to remind us all that there's a million and one ways to do it all wrong and fewer to get it right every time!
Aggro is mine! The Tank Song.
Learn To Heal! OMG WTF... HELP HELP HEAL ME... lol
Rollin' Out The Deeps! You know we had this fight in hand but we failed it 'cause of me.

and in case you're in the place where I live of late... Don't Let the 'Tards Get You Down

"Spamming the trade channel begging for gold... leaving your pick-ups and stealing your loot... passive in battlegrounds and camping your corpse... 'I will not move when flame wreath is cast!'... They can't be avoided, they never will change. Don't let the 'tards get you down." Thoryana... where oh where did you go? Did you let them get you down?

Thank you Mazikeen, General of Telara and the many who helped with your original post. (click here)
Thank you also to the many fantastic players and fans of the MMOs we all play for creating and taking so many lovely pictures for us to use. You're amazing!
And because we forget to be grateful sometimes for the lessons along the way, good and not so good alike:
Thank you to all the raiders from Decadence, Inc. who came in and looted then left without teaching and imparted some wisdom on your way out over your shoulders as an afterthought. I learned more from this than you could ever know.
Thanks to all the raiders from Akama who taught so often by example, and not all of them good, and to all the raiders from Uldaman, Cenarius and Baelgun who have continued to cement what I already knew.
Thank you Joan and Lexi and Yitz for imparting what you would and could along the way, yours turned out to be the greatest lessons of them all.
Thank you to the greatest raiders in all the world leading guilds for setting the bar and giving those of us in the trenches hope that someday we will also find others of your greatness and succeed as you have done.
Thank you to my friends and the peeps who put up with me being so frustrated sometimes because without you in your many ways I wouldn't want this thing sooooo sooooo much!

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  1. Oh and just an FYI... I'm currently locked out of my WoW account. Had to replace my cell and I have to deactivate my authenticatior, only to re-add it. Ugh!