05 April 2012

braggin? me? never...

I wannit wannit wannit for Allumette!

first and second halves of LFR. SOOOO close. OMG... Arms calls and I refuse that seductive voice as a false and bedeviling evil that is trying to seduce me from my true calling.

and omg it's hard... when they can pull 8% of the DPS in my gear it's so hard NOT to go arms.

I'm working to combine the Julienne stories so that the girl who was formerly Julienne and is now Allumette is not forgotten and so that the girl who now wears the name Julienne is not overshadowed by the past.


Moar dragons and stories about combat... and and and... I'll link them in a blog entry in order at some point. They're here, and more coming.

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