28 March 2012

wants... gots... and just pics... some rp in pve...

Want this. Corrupted Egg of Millagazor gives the Corrupted Fire Hawk. Means lots of Firelands for Allumette, huh? Just need Glory of the Raider for it. No big deal, right? lmao

Now have 2 collectable fishing poles. Maybe this should be the toon who collects them all? Would still need 4 more. LOL

Just got jeweled last night. It's a fair reward for frickin' terror fish, that's for sure.

down a devastated and broken path of the former gods...

To Wyrmrest Temple... the palace of the great wyrms of Azeroth, protectors of her people.

Alexstraza, the Lifebinder... chosen Queen of the Dragons
and her most recent Consort.

Ulduar... the place that so many of us tried to farm and because it overlapped ICC just enough it was hard on those of us not in hardcore raid guilds to get to after Naxx and before Arthas. The place where some guilds split and some good songs were had. I was also unable to raid it, Cranius, don't feel bad.

A place where the war between the gods of old is clear and written on the face of the places they left behind in their absence. A place so high up in the sky and so far away from where most of the world lives in Azeroth that it is an alien and foreign frozen country of legends. Brann will explore and exploit it and we will lose Magni as a result... his visage left for us all as a brutal reminder that the toys left behind by the titans are not to be trifled with.

Will we ever find out what happens when Algalon's message makes it to the reporting point? Are we all about to be erased even though Ensidia downed him so long ago? There's more about it in Cata and yet we are still left wanting more...

And more we shall have when there are girl bears to be and when we are told of the terrible tragedy we are raining as a warring world on the peaceful peoples of Pandaria... in November? WoW-Insider has lots (link to them below) to tell us about. An end to Garrosh... more to come for Thrall... perhaps a lesson in the value of peace for the whole of Azeroth as the war becomes so heated and terrible that there is no peace even in the last remaining peaceful places on the planet.

Finally... overall after all 8 in LFR... only sad thing? lol... we were the only 3 who were in all 8 fights. :(

At least Allumette held her greater than 5%... until the last fight I was still over 6!

The Ensidia video is what made me a raider, btw... and what drives me to make Julienne the best ever warrior tank I've run with. That's hard, btw... Chaosidy is gonna be hard to beat. Damn but Dan knows his girl!!!

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