27 March 2012


I'm not sure where this goes... so it goes HERE... since I found him inna game...

the fusion of death metal and dance pop... psycho speed metal ala mario world...

one guy

a sound mixer

and a gameboy circa 1980's
rainbowdragoneyes... slayer of concepts and misplaced beliefs everywhere... "that's not music, it's noise"

one man's noise is another's... well... heh

I don't particularly like all of his ideas or ideals and he's not always the nicest dude in interviews... and that said... for a pompous dude barely older than my kid...

he'll make your brain bleed if you listen too hard for too long, I'm sure... and it's still psycho hard and fun to play in rock band!

got a hold on your butt?

this is the one that I've played and not done too badly with, ironically one dude + gameboy = four instrument parts that are complex AND a vocals part... I've done over 90% on MEDIUM difficulty even... I will know I've proverbially "got it" when I can play this on expert and not cry or want to murder him... heavy weather: the storm uv the dead

Corbin... this is here for you. OMG...

Aiyume as well... and really this is about Corbin and the holy crap that is the smile that forms slowly once you've allowed his psycho to wash over you and your ears adjust to the wild ride with mr. toad that taking a musical trip with this guy represents... a smile that will replace the serious frown or wince from the first 10 notes so that before the first chorus you're shaking your head and enjoying against your better judgement.


oh, and he lives in Denver!
Eric W. Brown - Wiki

(well, EVERGREEN which as you and I both know is NOT Denver... and yet) I smell local concerts? :)

there's a blog of very interesting and intelligent funness and apparently also some twitter and other interestingness... and wow.

just wow.

goodmorning, happy tuesday... and if this is the first thing you heard today...

remembering feelin' no pain?


get out there and EAT EVERYTHING one bite at a time!



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