09 March 2012

this love to hate thing is really almost alarming



I have to say that I'm not sure how this weekend will go.

I have my concerns. I have things I'd like to say to them if "they" were reading... and at the same time I really don't want to get into the "but I meant [insert words here] and I believe you're misunderstanding me" part of the communication that always follows telling people what you really think when you're me.

Things like "You have really no idea who or what I am and I'd prefer if you'd stop assuming. You're making an ass of yourself." and "That's not what I said. I'm not going to explain what I meant, you need to look it up. Start with a Webster's English Dictionary and go to the I section and look up the meaning of inept and then come back to discuss." and right this minute "I didn't ask you what you usually do, I TOLD you to do something. 1. Do you recall what that was? 2. DO you need me to define it?"

I'm honestly and really NOT a bitch. I know who bitches are and I'm not that.

What I am is in the middle of a midlife crisis because for the whole of my midlife I've been trying to say it nicely, do it rightly and generally make sure that I'm understood, followed and trusted.


This is a game and all that crap is the real world. AND I'm not sure how useful it's been in the real world, all things considered. The smartest and most successful people I've ever known aren't the nicest, hands down.

In the game I know exactly what to do. I do it well. I'm friendly and generally a hell of a lot of fun to do things with.

If you don't get that it's not my issue.

Sigh. LOL... it seems I do a lot of "That's not what I said" or "That's not what I meant..." and famously, "I'd have to disagree with that" in the game and I'm done with it.

Life lesson 131...
He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. Raymond Hull

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