04 March 2012

there are days when I just LOVE LOVE LOVE WoW...

above is just a taste of the dps that was done as way of showing the folks in the party... because our tank is VERY important.

See, Scratchie was taking his wife (we didn't know this until later) out for some runs to get her gear and levels and stuff.

And I happened to catch a lift that ended with 9 TOTALLY UPGRADED pieces of gear, 3 of which are for my tanking set!

So... a druid tank in full raid gear, a caster shammy, a shadow priest and a healy priest head into a dungeon with a Death Knight... and no one has any duplicated classes to roll on the same stuff... when we traded the healy priest for a healy shammy, still no overlap. Even when the healy shammy needed to become dps because he was young and a pain in the ass... and he was replaced by yet another healy priest... still no overlaps. No complaining, even at the shammy who "had to go do dishes" and then got locked out of a boss fight and demanded that we "don't loot that boss before I get there... it's not MY fault I had to go for a minute" umm... yeah... we were having so much fun his being a dickshit didn't matter...

In 4 dungeons in an hour and 10 minutes we managed to gear my character more than I'd done alone in a year... well... true and I could have done more. Certainly more than I've gotten in the weeks since I started leveling Erijan again, that's for sure.

and... because I have never done it and it MUST be done... I'll let Erijan narrate for us all. This has been, hands down, my most favorite cooking daily ever. I've done the pumpkins, the apples, the "kill this fel soldier to cook this soup in the hottest way possible" crap... NOTHING... NOTHING compares to this quest for hillarity!

Cheese for Glowergold...

Dear diary:

You remember I noted that Narwilya suggested that I should take up cooking again as a means of getting back into some sort of normal life after separating ourselves from Arthas and trying to rejoin the people of Azaroth.

With all the horror created by the Cataclysm and Deathwing returning and what, with me not needing to eat because I'm undead... well, I'll be honest. I didn't do it.

Well, healing from a pretty intense injury that I suffered in a fight that I'll describe later, I headed out to Northrend to make sure the Citadel is a quietly farming little ant community of mindless drones doing what they were last tasked to do, and I was very happy to discover that they were no longer running regular attacks down the mountain on the settlers still trying to reclaim Icecrown.

So few people know what happened when we finally set Arthas down to rest that I'm loathe to put it in writing in case I might actually be able to die for real and someone would read my personal things. Someday I might quit checking to make sure it's really all ok out there. And maybe I wont. I loved and admired Fordragon as much as anyone did... and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm unliving proof.

Well, I get to Dalaran and order a drink and the chef is asking if anyone around has a moment to do a quick cooking errand for her. Glowergold wants a cheese tray and because he wants them all the time she's lost the interest in throwing them together for him anymore.

I tell her that I'd love to help out and she leans in very close, so close that I can smell the mint of her shampoo and the dusty scent of freshly milled flour that always clings to cooks no matter how many other things they might do in a day.

"I'll tell you, Erijan... I just gather a few leftover glasses of wine from around the bar and town and mix it with some limburger from the cheese shop on the other side of town. He doesn't seem to be any the wiser. In fact, he seems to like it better the more different types I include than when I use a fresh bottle here." She shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"The pay is the same and the cost to you is less. Usually 5 or 6 half-full glasses of wine will do. I find that the mages upstairs leave a lot laying about when they finally pass out at night... and adventurers are always tearing off after only half a glass because they get called to action so there's often glasses around the bar as well. Here, this is the glass I started with lunch and never finished to get you started. I really appreciate the help!" And she winked conspiratorially at me.

And so I wandered about finding glasses of wine and pouring them into a flask I had on me that was empty and when I felt like I had about a half a bottle of wine I went to the cheese shop and helped myself to some of the limburger that was out on the table out front and VOILA... cheese tray for Master Glowergold, the Master Leatherworker in the floating town of Dalaran.

And he loved it. He absentmindedly handed me a bag of spices and gold and dove into the tray face first like a man on a mission to be overwhelmed by the smelly cheese and day old left-over wine. The whole time he made 'yummy' noises low in his throat and exclaimed to me that I might just be as good as the head chef who'd sent me!

stinky cheese left out in the sun and some half-full glasses of wine from all over town!

I'm not so sure I'm finding my humanity this way, dear diary! I am finding humour and a way to make some very good amounts of money while I distract myself from the looming horror of my former home in Icecrown and the memories that the Citadel holds for us all and of the new terror of Deathwing and what his return means to us all.

I am now a chef! I have the hat to prove it. A nice gentleman in Stormwind taught me a bunch of new recipes and has tasked me with quite a bit of travel to collect the different ingredients, often right there in town. I missed cooking, even if I don't miss eating.

-Chef Erijan the King Slayer

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  1. Hehehehe! I don't know how many times I've ran that particular favor... But it's been a lot. ;)