04 March 2012

some of you might remember

tantalizing advertising... beautiful logo... mages parked in every town to send you to the portal that will get you to the island.

Overlooking from the hill... a first breathtaking glimpse of the joyous new place to explore!

Gateway to belly aches from crazy foods and overpriced pretties that are only available here! You can also level a lower character's professions here... 5 levels 1 time a month on each!

Darkmoon Potties... I wonder if it's carnies who clean them or if United Site Services provides the folks to pump them?

I have always loved the Darkmoon Faire, even when it wasn't as amazing as it has become now!

Less than 3 months into the game I "discover" this awesome "new" thing... and with some pre-planning I can have all the materials I need to turn in a bunch of stuff for TICKETS and I can trade them for STUFF... omg... yeah.

I cannot tell you how many times Allumette (the character formerly known as Julienne) was launched over Elwynn or the Terrokar forests... and it was a lot. She has already been launched once a day for a week out into the sea just past the new Faire grounds! And Julienne has led the charge for them all... with Erijan now joining them.

And THEN I found out she could still go do some stuff when THE FAIRE was in Horde territory... zomg... there's a reason that Allumette and Erijan (the character formerly known as Holle) are both scribes, and it's not the boatloads of supposed cash you could get from making people glyphs, either. LMAO Can you say Darkmoon Cards?

I have always loved Faires and all the crap that comes with them. This is one of the events that happens once a month that actually encouraged me to return to WoW in the first place. Finding out that it's changed and not in any bad ways is just a plus for me.

There is no more of gathering things made by other characters so that you can turn in items for tickets, you are allowed to earn them yourself from your own professions. There are dailies that are carnie games and are no longer grinding for crap you don't care about. Darkmoon has a home and I will be welcomed back for one week every month!

There are awesome things that can be found in dungeons and in the world of PvP that enable you to earn even more tickets and rep.

There is a DANCING BEAR!!!!! and so many other awesome and amazing things... come and play at the Faire!

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